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Why is kissing so fun

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Why is kissing so fun

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And the science behind this behaviour reveals that along with all of those germs, we share plenty of benefits with wuy partner as well. A two-week-old boy finds his feet in his new world. Our first experiences with love and security usually involve lip pressure and stimulation through behaviours that mimic kissing, like nursing or bottle feeding.

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Kissing: why is it so much fun?

Giving your partner a hickey or doing anything else to rile your partner up sexually can make sex feel so much more satisfying. Unlike in other animals, human lips are uniquely everted, meaning they purse outwardly. Well, it probably depends on who you ask.

Plus, according to science, making out literally helps you feel things out. We may not exactly be thinking about parenthood when kissing a new partner passionately, but kissing provides clues to help us decide whether to take a relationship kissiny or not. In fact, the scent of man can provide subconscious clues about his DNA to his partner.

5 reasons making out is fun, flirty, & guaranteed to give you butterflies

Because it surveys parenthood compatibility, and much more. In fact, the scent of man can provide subconscious clues about his DNA to his partner. It can also solidify the strong bonds kissinb share with family members and friends. And trust that they'll make the effort to do the same for you.

As health and wellness expert Samantha Morrison explained to Bustle, "Kissing is engrained into human fin. If you do so for the pleasure of it, you can focus on each other and being on the same wavelength. Kisses work their magic by setting off a whirlwind of neurotransmitters and hormones through our bodies that influence how we think and feel. Photo: listal. Follow, allow, receive. Open mouth and tongue kissing are especially effective in upping the level of sexual arousalbecause they increase the amount of saliva produced kussing exchanged.

In order to make a good kiss, you need to be aware of what your partner is trying to tell you without words. They are packed with sensitive nerve endings so even the slightest brush sends a cascade of information to our brains, which can feel ie good. You may even have a more satisfying relationship. This article was originally published on The Conversation. The Kiss, by Austrian painter Gustav Klimt.

So while we are having the fun of our lives, our brains and body analyses an awful lot of very useful information. Finally, the kiss helps us sustain and reinforce the ongoing attachment bonds, which allow us to endure together long enough to raise our children our gene carriers into sexual maturity. A couple kissing passionately.

5 reasons making out is fun, flirty, & guaranteed to give you butterflies

Ffun through that information all sorts of als are being sent to our brain informing us about the other person. In order to keep your kiss good, laughing these things off is key. And nothing makes an awkward moment more awkward than being awkward.

Sometimes, you or the other person draws out a make-out session to be anything just short of sex as a teasing method. Is there actually a good or bad way kiesing kiss? Some kisses are rooted in tun Kissing causes a chemical reaction in your brain, including a burst of the hormone oxytocin. Research by Swiss biologist Claus Wedekind found that women are most attracted to the scents of men who carry a different genetic code for their immune system in a region of DNA known as the major histocompatibility complex or MHC.

Be specific, be effusive, and be happy," New York—based relationship expert and author April Masini, tells Bustle. When we view kissing as a necessary prelude to sex, we are missing the beauty and the value of an exquisite way to connect with lover and cultivate intimacy. If in order to be a good lay means being present from beginning to end, then the same goes for kissing. Speaking of feeding, many believe that kissing came from the practice of kiss-feeding.

But if you stop and think about it, doing the tongue tango feels good for way more reasons than just those two. See where they take you.

It can help people feel connected and strengthen bonds of all kinds. Kissing fosters the sensations we often describe when we are falling in love.

Why is kissing so fun?: the science behind locking lips | the independent | the independent

By Caroline Colvin July whh, For most sexually inclined people, the main two reasons making out is fun would be: One, it's pleasurable for them, and two, it's pleasurable for the other person. Older research shows that for women, kissing is a way to size up a potential mate. Tell them exactly what they're doing that makes the kiss so do. There are many theories about how kissing originated and why we do it.

Female participants said they were less likely to have sex with someone without kissing first.

Why do we kiss? the science behind cheek pecks, tongue, and more

Here are five solid ways that prolonged lip-locking can keep the butterflies in your life. So, taking your time to slowly and sensually kiss your partner can be a great way to re-build intimacy.

And kissiing making out goes well, especially on the first datethen it's a sparkling, positive indicator of good things to come. In vun, there are no mistakes, you're sort of winging it until you found what feels good, looks good, and what's going to evoke an emotion — ideally, a positive emotion. But while I may think my definition of a good kiss totally nails it, here's what makes a good kiss according to experts.

Just like the clicking of wine glasses allows us to bring hearing into the sensory experience of drinking which already i all the other sensesso the kiss allows us to invite the senses of taste and smell to partake in the celebration of intimacy and make the event deeper and more complete. Kissing is so much more than touching lips together because it feels good.

Why do we kiss? what science says about smooching

When you press them against another set of lips or even warm skin, it just feels good. Adrenaline boosts our heart rate and can make us start sweating as our bodies begin to anticipate what might occur later.

It's an energy exchange between two people that can really keep that spark going, whether you're casually dating or in a long-term relationship. A passionate kiss can spike the neurotransmitter dopamine, which is linked to feelings of craving and desire.

Pucker up! your saliva is why french kissing feels amazing | shape

And through that information all sort of als are being iw to our brain informing us about the other person. The fun of making out doesn't just apply to new kissing candidates, though.

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