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What does it mean to be sprung on someone

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What does it mean to be sprung on someone

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It's when you can't get her off your mind, no matter the time or distance apart. It's when everyday that goes by without her is a bad day. It's when you can't help but be a hopeless romantic, waiting for the day she comes around and picks you.

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Their garden is full of flowers in the spring. To cause to leap, dart, or come forth suddenly: The hound sprang a quail.

Urban dictionary: i'm sprung

The act or an instance of jumping or leaping. Mechanical Engineering intr of a part of a mechanism, etc to jump out of place 6. It's when you can't get her off your mind, no matter the time or distance apart. Submitted by Peter R.

The season of the year between winter and summer, during which the weather becomes warmer and plants revive. The season of the year between winter and summer, during which the weather becomes warmer and plants revive, extending in the Northern Hemisphere from the vernal equinox to the summer solstice and popularly considered to include the months of March, April, and May. Old English spring issue of a stream, c. As with crazy or gagathe target of the emotion is normally indicated by surrounding context; this is seen in the and quotations above.

Sprung - wiktionary

This idiom uses spring in the sense of "make a sudden move. To have a mast, for example warp, split, or crack. My balloon has sprung a leak. See Synonyms at stem 1. To present or disclose something to someone unexpectedly or suddenly: They sprang the news on all their friends that they were having a baby.

What does sprung mean? sprung definition. meaning of sprung.

Submitted by Kelsey M. Because of ti ability to return to their original shape, springs are used to store energy, as in mechanical clocks, and to absorb or lessen energy, as in the suspension system of vehicles. See also:. Nautical Terms nautical Also called: spring line a mooring line, usually one of a pair that cross amidships Mechanical Engineering a.

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Definition of sprung

Last edited on Apr 10 If you want to say that something happens every year during this season, you say that it happens in spring or in the spring. Cricket one of a set of strips of rubber, steel, etc, running down the inside of the handle of a cricket bat, hockey stick, etc A device, such as a coil of wire, that returns to its original shape after being compressed or stretched.

Now you can only try not to forget these intimate moments, onn to remember the good old days. Jones is going to try to spring something on the people here tonight. ho

Grown during the season of spring: spring crops. Adjective comparative more sprung, superlative most sprung slang, African American Vernacular Utterly infatuated with b completely taken over by romantic interest.

Having or supported by springs: a spring mattress. Examples: spring of blood, ; of someohe, ; of all my joys, ; of oaks; of plants, ; of roses, ; of talk, ; of teal, ; of thoughts, ; of waters of grace, ; of wood, It's when you long to tell her everything, about how you felt, how you still feel. A thought springs to mind.

The origin of the name "La Honda" has its twist, like just about every thing else in the sprung history of this town. A usually rapid return to normal shape after removal of stress; recoil: the spring of a bow. Your phone that used to beep cheerfully with every text shared in the minutes apart now rides solemn mdan silent in your pocket.

In love vs. being sprung - hbcu connect

To sprunf from a source; develop: Their frustration springs from a misunderstanding. Amber was sprung by a hot guy in her math class. Related to sprung on: sprung rhythmSprung weightsprung up spring on 1. It's when you'd trade it all to go back in time, to live it all over again.

To move out of place; come loose, as parts of a mechanism. You used to know where she was every night, to be able to watch after her and know she's safe. Be Careful! It's when the pain is unbearable.

How to know if you’re sprung

Why can't I forget about her? Energetic bounce: a spring to one's step. An elastic device, such as a coil of wire, that regains its original shape after being compressed or extended. After the striptease, I was totally sprung.

To leap, pounce, or dart onto someone or something. Physical Geography a. A warping, bending, or cracking, as that caused by excessive force. English Wiktionary.