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What do you call someone that does magic

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What do you call someone that does magic

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Our glossary section is meant to be a combination of word definitions and trivia. A different kind of word list. By no means is this list meant to be a complete glossary of all magic terms; there are many books available which already provide that information. Rather, we want you to enjoy reading this list- and maybe learn something new!

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Theurgist — Theurgy is the practice of rituals performed to invoking the protection or evoking the presence of gods. Topit Large pocket in the lining of a jacket that allows the magician to vanish items by tossing them secretly and smoothly into the pocket.

Magician (fantasy) - wikipedia

This term is sometimes mistakenly used to describe a magician or conjurer; the proper Indian term for "magician" is really jadoo wallah. Shaman — A traditional wiseman or elder who can influence spirits, and often performs magic in a trance. Witch — From Old English Wicce and Wicca male and female meaning an individual who does magic by the power of spirits. An ancient prophet, often Greek.

Legerdemain French term literally "light of hand" commonly used to refer to sleight of hand or magical manipulation. Used in the Silk To Egg effect.

60 alternative words for mage and magician

Bokor — A voodoo witch for hire who deals with both good and bad spirits. From the Latin for "vinegar zomeone. Palmist — A prophet who foresees the future through palm reading, a practice called Chiromancy. Used in Telepath, Empath, Technopath, Cyberpath, etc. In some works, such as many of Barbara Hambly 's, they are despised and outcast specifically because of their knowledge and powers. Profonde Large pocket in the tails of a long tuxedo coat that allows the magician to vanish items by tossing them down and behind him, into the pocket.

Magic synonyms | best synonyms for magic

Acetabularii The magicians who specialized in performing the Cups and Balls trick in ancient Rome. Eddison 's The Worm Ouroboroswhere both the heroes and the villains, although kings and lords, supplement their physical power with magical knowledge, or as in Jonathan Magix 's Bartimaeus Trilogywhere magicians are the governing class.

Prophet thaf A religious fortune teller. Ed Marlo coined the term as the title of his book, The Cardician. Actually, it was a magical phrase taken from a popular Danish fairy tale Dante was from Denmark.

Even if the magician lacks scruples, obtaining the material may be difficult. Later term for the Sibyl of Delphi. Small scale pattern with no border makes this type of deck excellent for card sleights, as the pattern helps camouflage the moves. Share this:.

Also known as Fox Lake. In reality, it is derived from ancient cabalistic symbols and at one time was believed to hold real power. From French Mistique. Applied since 19th century to traditional healers of African cultures.

Magician (fantasy)

vo Necromancer — The idea of Necromancer popularised by recent fantasy is of someone who raises zombies, however the term originally meant a diviner who would speak to the spirits of the dead to learn about the past or future. Clairvoyant — A person gifted with the ability to see the future or ghosts. May be used as a more powerful or respected version of Wizard in some media. Skinfylking — Boar warriors of the Viking age believed to transform into a wereboar.

An Enchantress is often a fairy tail witch. Strange from the Marvel Universe continues to learn about magic even after being named Sorcerer Supreme.

Galdre — Anglo-Saxon, Used to translate Latin necromantia. They are bear warriors of the Viking age and believed to transform into a werebear. They can also be capable of great magic, both ,agic or evil.

Originally a diviner. In Discworld, the importance of wizards is that they actively do not do magic, because when wizards have access to sufficient "thaumaturgic energy", they develop many psychotic attributes and may eventually destroy the world. Servante Pouch or shelf positioned on the magician's side of a table, hidden from the spectator's view, but allowing the magician to dispose of items by secretly dropping them into or onto the mafic while the hands seem to always remain in full view above the table.

Diviner — One who tells the future or discovers something, and practices divination.

I was just sick of using mage. From the Latin as, or unit. Usually some form of prophet.

Crystal-gazer — A fortune teller who uses a crystal ball. Original general neutral plural form Wiccan. Aristocrat Brand name of cards manufactured by U. See Galdra.

60 alternative words for mage and magician - sorcerer of tea

Sibyl — Ancient oracles of Greece and the mediterranean, who doe divine prophecies. For example, when the wizards of Unseen University are chasing the hapless wizard Rincewind in the forest of Skund, the wizards send out search teams to go and find him on foot. The Archchancellor beats them to it by using a powerful spell from his own office, and while ccall gets there first by clever use of his spell, he has used no less effort than the others.

In A Wizard of Earthsea, every act of magic distorts the equilibrium of the world, which in turn has far-reaching consequences that can affect the entire world and everything in it.