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Trusting god with your love life

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Trusting god with your love life

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And she wanted to follow a godly path to marriage. Because she trusted God to unite her with her future tour, she decided not to use online dating sites or go to Christian singles groups in order to meet eligible bachelors. She committed to this behavior when she was in her upper twenties. Many Christians are like the woman in the story. I could cry from the sadness of this reality.

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Trusting god with your love life

However, after the last failed relationship I was in I wanted to break the cycle, so I threw in the towel, said my goodbyes, and I prayed a prayer, the first one in what seemed like years. If it wasn't God, I wasn't interested. I really do. And I knew why.

4 ways to trust god with your love life | all things allison marie

But I thank God today that I was able to learn how to put my trust in Him one final time! And no amount of pleasure is worth slipping away from God.

Does this sound familiar to you? In my early married years, I began to learn more about Jesus the lover from Bible books like Song of Solomon.

But I was not trusting God. For although they knew God, yout did not honor him as God or give thanks to him, but they. God healed that broken heart of mine.

3 reasons not to "trust god" with your love life - that crazy christian romance

He was someone who ly Wiyh would have spotted within five seconds of entering a room and would have made a beeline for him and made sure he got my. I thought I needed a relationship, no matter how wrong it was, to complete me. With all my love. Do not let the enemy start playing with your emotions and toying with your thoughts. It is one of a kind, and meant to bring glory to His name.

Are you really trusting god with your love life? - the praying woman

But this is because, like even good earthly fathers, God knows us and our interest in people and will speak wisdom to us in any situation. Because God is the source of all love on earth. He took that desperate, flirty, needy little girl into the young woman of God that he knew I could be. But God is not a man. But, most of all, I lost sight of my worth.

We were both new to it since our past love-lives were equally hot messes and we put a LOT of trust in God and our relationship. During a very lonely season, I liife to remain single for at least six months. I think if he did, I would have destroyed the relationship before ever had a chance.

And that someone would get hurt. My heart is cold toward You.

Are you really trusting god with your love life?

First John says: There is no fear in love, but perfect love drives out fear. It will encourage you to walk on water and move mountains. What can youf do to me? I remember walking into a Wal-mart and noticing a very odd couple arguing over toothpaste. Afraid that I would mess everything up. He loves you.

And guess what? Not unsurprisingly, I got a bit of a reputation in the Christian Union. I wasn't going to waste my time on my own efforts anymore.

Trusting god with your love story when you've failed before - his wildflower

Is God a distant theory and believing in Him simply a box you tick at Census time? This time I was trusting God and God asked me to let this one go. I became lost because I left You, Lord. Some guys thought Yyour was easy, which I wasn't. God asked me to stop chasing that goal and to trust him.

5 reasons to trust god with your love-life - selina almodovar

There was so much more to having a Christian relationship that quite honestly it made me intimidated and downright afraid. And I guess he began to show me what it was I was really looking for. Do you love the idea of being in love with a man more than you love the Maker of man? Here are five reasons why you highly consider you to trust God when it comes to your very own love-life.

And excited.

I know it sounds so backwards when I say it out loud, but every relationship I had gone through was not one that seriously honored God. We talked about working out, church, and work. We were talking about church, and so we decided to meet at my church on lovee following Sunday.