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Tantric massage therapy near me

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Tantric massage therapy near me

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Connect to your soul, true inner nature and source of love!

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I felt like a safe and warm womb where I could be innocent, open and curious, maszage know I was constantly looked after and loved. Doing multiple sessions enabled me to build on what I had learned each time, finding ever more exciting ways to work with the amazing tantric energy.

Tantra therapists | tantralink

It was very very beautiful to experience and I laughed and sighed and enjoyed it. In fact a word popped into my head — dishonoured. Michelle was tuned into me and knew I was too much in my head for much more than the delicious, relaxing strokes she was giving me. If you can't find a nearby Tantra Goddess you may want to expand the map to look in a massqge area.

Massage - tantra with tanya

I felt able to release it in this safe space. Thank you again. Occasionally she would instruct me to breathe deeply with her, which was very grounding and brought me out of my head and back into my body — I kept drifting back into thought. Next were my legs and feet and yoni.

I am going to be in town in two weeks and would like to see you again. Bigger cities are a different story. It allows the erotic energies to empower the state of relaxation in your being.

We sat on her treatment mat and she explained to me what was going to happen and she would ask before touching my yoni inside, if indeed she felt it appropriate to do so. It was interesting for me to observe my own masssage to the session. Michelle cradled the back of my head and covered me initially with a towel, asking me to take three deep breaths again to help me relax.

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In fact — heart and throat together made me feel like crying. My butt and two lumpy spots I might add — the perils of waxing! I will always remember it and cherish it, and I will build on it. Many of us burdened by the stress of the full lifestyle in our era, can use a little help in going back to the state of relaxation and reconnect to the state of happiness. She would however be massaging the outside as it is a fherapy of my body like any other.

I knew this was a breakthrough for me. Yes, I was going to be spending about 90 minutes butt naked neaf a full body em massage from a woman, that includes my yoni.

Your touch and sensitivity created what I can only call an out of body experience. While … John View More Thank you for the most wonderful experience and skills that will benefit me the rest of my life.

So, i umm, had a tantric massage

The tantric teaching states that happiness is possible only on the background of relaxation. Mental Clarity — can increase your awareness and control over your mind, clearing your thoughts. I had no idea why it was there, it was good to let it go though. JT View More Dear Tanya, Thank you for such a wonderful and enlightening introduction into what our bodies are capable of. EXPANSION Awaken your erotic energy and unlock your potentials It helps in awakening your sensuality, having a peaceful state txntric mind, enjoying the pleasure, and feeling love in the present moment.

Tantra massage near me

I decided to go again. The best is to simply observe them without reacting to any of them.

Worrying about blemishes and feeling ashamed of my general lardiness. As she smiled and reassured me, I sat there wondering what it could be. I was starting to relax further when she reached my heart chakra on my back. I swallowed it down as usual. Meditation — 15 min You can choose between 3 different meditations: Awaken Your Heart — can increase your capacity to love and feel compassion. I feel something tantruc has happened to me, as if my life has started on something new jassage today.

The map below will show current listings for practitioners in your vicinity.

Tantra therapists

What next? Namaste, David View More Apply for a Free Consultation Find out how you can up-level massahe sexual experiences and love relationships, and have masasge confidence, heightened states of arousal, deeper intimacy, more passionate love and sex, and healthier relationships. Here is your opportunity.

We are continuing to explore this wonderful new world of spiritual sensuality that you have introduced us to and I will keep you informed as to how we are progressing. I admit that I had a total monkey mind at the beginning, leaping about all over the place. Then I told myself to stop thinking.

The Ejaculation mastery exceeded my expectations. I could feel how I surrendered right mqssage to the smallest cell and just opened up more and more, and felt more and more happy the more I realized that love was everywhere around me, in me, in the universe.

So, i umm, had a tantric massage

Spiritual Awakening — can expand your consciousness and merge with the universal consciousness, going beyond all the daily life concerns into the state of transcendence. We also require that you inform us about any such issue prior to your massage. She massaged every part of me; my back, neck, head, arms, butt and legs finishing that part of the massage by resting her body against mine in a loving embrace for a few moments, breathing with me.

Alternatively you can use the search function in the sidebar to look for someone directly in your city. Doing multiple sessions enabled me to build on what I had learned each time, finding ever more exciting ways to work with the amazing Tantric energy. Her massage was therapeutic, masswge and Tantric — tantri what I needed. It is very intriguing to know that it might be possible to recreate that feeling and share it in a relationship.