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Suprise glory hole

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Suprise glory hole

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It was a late fall afternoon and I was walking home from band practice.

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The drive home was great.

His cum was all over my glasses, my face, and my shirt. Slowly, I pulled his cock out of my mouth, licking the shaft as it went out. I was so devastated that my knees gave way, and I sank weakly down on to the commode seat facing backwards.

Surprise gloryhole

Before I knew what happen or could say anything the cock disappeared through the hole. Moreover, I was active in my supdise and my school. It was a late fall afternoon and I was walking home from band practice.

The little things in school that I was stressing out over were not as important anymore and boys seemed a lot cuter and the men a lot more interesting if you know what I mean. And they had a camera and if cameras are strictly prohibited they wouldn't have made it in and if they did would have had charges pressed once this was posted on the internet.

Never before had I experience such acceleration and excitement.

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I slowly reached out for it. Everything about this situation was so foreign to me. It was such a great drive home that dad decided to give mom the night off.

The more I sucked the more I wanted. It was my dad calling to tell me that he was waiting for me in the parking lot.

We both froze and just stood there like dummies, looking at each other. What kind of a girl did he think I was?

Glory hole surprise

Then I searched my purse for some gum and popped it into my mouth. Just when you're having a good time people seem to bother you, I thought. Nobody would ever know. After a few moments the man wiggled it in front of me. At least my father got my mind off the little experience I had in the public restroom and it was a good thing too, because I was starting to supprise on it.

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When I got to the park I needed to pee really bad, so I went to the public restroom that all parks have. That whole Mexican experience only took ten minutes. Mom had been calling to make sure that we were headed straight home without delay. As I daydreamed, I sat there waiting for another cock to be put through the hole. When I turned around and looked, I was in shock. During the next week, I noticed a change in my attitude and my outlook on life. We both realized why we were coming out of the restrooms.

A week later to the day, my dad was running late again. I don't know why.

Again, I spat it out and used some gum to hide the taste. I was caught off guard and pulled back. The thought excited me, yet scared me. Returning my attention to his shaft, my hand began moving faster along the man's cock.

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This time I did not hooe away when it twitched. It was a close call. Nobody knows suprjse I am so I don't get a bad reputation and I get to suck as many cocks as I want. After flushing it away, I went to the sink and tried to wash my mouth out as best as I could. Before I knew it I was trying to deep throat the cock that I was sucking.

The length and thickness felt so good in my mouth, I just wanted to swallow the entire length. Glorg my hand reached it, the cock twitched and scared me.

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The second time his balls burst forth the shot hit me in the middle of my face covering me with gooey cum. I ran my tongue up and down his shaft, causing him to moan very loud.

I had given my first blowjob, which put me hope a really great mood. I was already playing with it before I realized I had even touched it. I could feel his cock throbbing in my hand and it was warm and soft but hard and throbbing all at the sometime.

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My dad looked at me then looked at the women's restroom wondering if I was just coming out of the ladies' room. My heart skipped a beat and my blood ran fast as I whirled around and I saw that fat beautiful thick cock again. I should call my dad or better yet the police. I was so mesmerized that all I could do was stare at it. My cold hand felt so good on the skin like it was made to be holding a cock.