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Sungmin kim sa eun

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Sungmin kim sa eun

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He admitted to dating musical actress Kim Sa Eun in September last year and the pair tied the knot in a private ceremony on December

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He played the role of a pretty school boy attacked by an unknown criminal. Inalong with Typhoon, Rose and Attack, the six of them made their first television appearance in a show called Heejun vs. Kangta, Battle of the Century: Pop vs.

He worked along with label mate Key from Shinee as the same character d'Artagnan. Sungmin held a press conference on the same day as his Summer Snow Musical, which was on January 16, He has a younger brother, Lee Sung-jin.

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He provided vocals along with labelmates SeohyunJonghyun and Luna. However, plans changed and the company declared a halt in forming future Super Junior generations.

Biography[ edit ] Sungmin was born in the Ilsan district of GoyangGyeonggi. All five tracks on the album were acoustic tracks. In Marchhe introduced his new composed group along klm his friend Haeun called "MilkyWave". He admitted to dating musical actress Kim Sa Eun in September last year and the pair tied the knot in a private ceremony on December Sungmin played himself, a member of Super Junior-Twho is constantly overshadowed by his members.

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Before beginning his mandatory military service on March 31,he continued to perform in Super Show 6 until the tour's stop in Macau in early March. Japanese media noted that the impact of the Hallyu Jim in general and specifically the casting of Sungmin helped build popularity for the show in A press conference took place in Beijing on January 7, and they would promote the album in China.

Sungmin returned to another showing of The Three Musketeers Musical just before comeback promotions for Swing, which started on March 14 and ended on March Sungmin continued participating in musicals, with a comeback in Summer Snow which was held in Taiwan for three consecutive days. Together, they ed a contract with SM Entertainment and received training in singing, dancing, and acting.

Sungmin is slated to euun for his mandatory military duty alongside fellow member Shindong later this month.

Following the addition of thirteenth member Kyuhyunthe group dropped the suffix "05" and became officially credited as Super Junior. The musical was scheduled for showing from February 25 to May 7.

In Januaryit was announced that he had been cast in the musical Boys Over Flowers for his first comeback musical role. Due to former label-mate Junsu's musical Dracula, [33] the musical title Dracula was renamed to VAMPIRE, usngmin the two musicals were under the same management, but with different plots and casts. The album and title song music video were released on November Kim Sa Eun guested on the March 9 episode of Korean talk show Hello Counselor, where she answered a question posed by a lady whose husband seems more interested in playing sports than spending time with her.