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Sudafed erowid

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Sudafed erowid

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Quickly, a bit of background information: I recently graduated from an accredited and fairly affluent university, and am now in the process of ing the workforce. The 4. It was during the beginning of my sophomore year at school that I was introduced to pseudoephedrine as a study-aid, and through this, found an extremely erowwid if at times, insidiously powerful study tool. Prior to my introduction to pseudoephedrine, I had only experience with no-doze and soda as a study aid on long nights. Let it also be known simply for further depth, that I was a fairly avid partier in high school, with drinking and herb smoking as my primary staple-goods. This pattern of course only intensified at university, where recreational drugs are quite easy to obtain.

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This brings me to right now as Im writing this trip report I am constantly hitting erowud wrong keys and having to correct them. Several months ago, I began using Sudafed pseudoephedrine tablets to deal with nasal congestion. It was during the beginning of my sophomore year at school that I was introduced to pseudoephedrine as a study-aid, and through this, found an extremely helpful if at times, insidiously powerful study tool.

I experienced no jaw-clenching, no sweating, and very doubtfully an increased heart rate. Discharged the next morning, and a couple days later I was feeling fine. I was glad it was over but I still wasnt ok.

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There are no negative effects as of now. I then asked god to come down from heaven and take me with him. I then fell into a deep sleep which seemed to last for years, in reality only a few hours. These conversations lasted a long time to me sudafsd in reality took only seconds. Using the substance as a small additional-means to help me achieve that end was one thing, but I should not have let the substance become an end unto itself.

To combat that, I would simply pop 2 or 3 more, and continue for another hour or two before another dose. I am writing this real-time, and it blew my expectations away. No stimulant properties, either. It contained 30 milligrams of pseudoephedrine HCI, erowd nothing else.

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An ambulance was called, which took nearly an hour to arrive. A couple hours after I took sudafe over-the-country energy supplement contains 'traces' of phenylalanine, which indirectly increases production of dopamine, adrenaline and noradrenaline - this may have contributed. The sun is setting outside of my window and looking at it almost forces tears of joy.

When I woke up this time everything was crazy.

Dxm & pseudoephedrine - erowid exp - 'it has desrtoyed my brain'

I remember the following day Eriwid slept for 15 hours my skin was blotchy and red from dehydration, and even more abhorrent, I had canker-sores on my gums from basically living and breathing that particular substance for a day-and-a-half. Six or seven hours later I still felt relaxed and even dissociative, as if I would be looking in on myself from a camera attached next to my body. I hope this report makes some kind of sense. My mom was really worried erowld me through this entire time she didnt know if i was on drugs or if i was just really depressed or what.

I then screamed inwardly.

I dont Know if the the damage can be reparied. I didn't eat that day after about 2pm.

Pseudoephedrine - erowid exp - 'unusual reaction long term anxiety'

I wrote the following while under its effects. Its too soon to tell really. I felt unloved. I went to a local supermarket to buy the Robtissin Suppressive cough syrup.

I went and bought 2 more bottles of the same stuff and took it at relatively the same time. Five minutes later I have become accustomed to the gentle relaxation and I am being overwhelmed by a feeling of love.

For every little bit I come down or think I'm coming downI feel the need eroeid amp twice as much as what I know is necessary. Not quite what I was expecting.

Enjoying the increased energy and rushes, I took higher doses on occasion up to about mg, perhaps once or twice a weekwhile continuing the medicinal use. There was an obvious delayed reaction to everything. Just dont fuck with DXM, go buy a quarter bag and just chill for a while. I spent the day reflecting on what had happend or the parts I could remember sudafde. As I continued to lather, it turned into a breathing, fluxuating massive insect of some kind, that seemed to be oozing its way toward me from the corner of the shower.

The only problem was that I was in, my perception, not having a conversation at all.

Suprisingly after a half an hour 2 hours in I lay down, not sudafec any bit tired, and fell asleep until that night. I was burning.

Furthermore, it was not a visual but rather a mental thing. My senior year at school, I partook a handful of occasions, never exceeding more than 4 or 5 tablets in a night once again it seems I was back to where I started again. It sent me on a rollercoaster through hell and I saw things That The devil himself wouldnt subject people to.

At that stage we were convinced that no effect was going to take place.

I had to force myself to come and write down this note: music is enhanced. By finals at the end of sudafev sophomore year, I was taking 10 to 12 tablets to mg of Pseudo E per cram session which was still around once every 3 weeks or so.

I dropped the knife and crawled efowid into bed. Zed Exp Year: Take care with pseudoephedrine; it seems to have some scary unknown side effects. None did.

There was no euphoria. I tasted something burning.

I am feeling better by the minute. I felt like I had come home from a long trip.

For every 30 milligrams I felt that I lost, I would take more.