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Strippoker stories

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Strippoker stories

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We camped beside the stream that runs thru the property in a beautiful spot. Storoes got there Friday night and set up camp just as it got dark.

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I pushed him back onto the pillows and swung my leg over his hips to slide him inside of me slowly as I arched back and circled my sweet spot with my fingers. Drawn me into a game. Finally I slid them down, wriggling out of them, and let them fall to the floor.

John told me that he had tied some of his girlfriends up, but none of them had liked it very much. I was so turned on and wet, it was a little embarrassing. See you two studs in the morning.

Ph : 24 - playing strip poker - stories of tie up games

Saturday night after my shift was the only time I had to chill and have some fun. They seemed to enjoy our company, and we were careful not to flirt too much. The fourth and fifth round saw Chris as the loser and she first removed her shirt, but then hesitated.

Every part of my sex was hot, slippery, and pulsing. Off it came, and the roommates grabbed it from me.

The rewards of truth or dare poker

They had sneakers and white sports-socks. At a party at one of the University Fraternities, he had seen these two girls being tied to chairs during some game, and they seemed to have liked it. I was committed.

She lay down her cards, obviously savoring her victory. But if I had to play, I wanted to play well.

Stories of tie up games

One more poker hand for all the marbles. So I swam out in panties and they got soggy and uncomfortable really quickly so I took them off and threw them to the bank.

The one in the dress laughed and lay down a much better hand. I felt the tingle begin in my belly and shoot down to my toes. My former school had been a rather posh, upper-class type of school, and as I came to the University I entered an entirely new world, and met people I would never have dreamt of even talking to before. Christine, who wanted to be called Chris, had dark-brown hair, cut rather short in the neck, but with the same length at the sides and in front.

Strip poker with a twist

He whistled a tune and bent back into the cooler as I handed him some bottles. Most of us were in our twenties, with a couple of the older crew ing in on occasion. Then slowly up and down one more time with a twist of the hips. On the way home I could barely walk. This presented a problem, how would they be able to continue, when they both had their hands tied behind them? He lifted my hair and nuzzled the back of my neck. She happily lifted her feet off the floor, and I tied them strippiker using the same kind of rope.

Strip poker stories – smutmd

After some hours John popped the crucial question: "Anyone for a game of poker? I wanted to beat Brian, somehow. The evening activity consisted of drinking and playing cards.

Matt slid a finger inside of me while he was circling my sweet spot with his tongue. John lived a very active sexual life. I smirked at everyone, but inside I writhed.

Strip poker girl: a true story

As customary in student-circles at that time, the girls were to bring their own drinks. I leaned up on tiptoe and kissed his stubbly cheek. I stopped moving for a few seconds to prolong the orgasm. My friend Matt was stocking the beer cooler while I counted our tips. The roommates hounded me about this until I moved my arms and shifted to a slightly more revealing position.

I got a fine cotton-rope out and proceeded to tie her hands. When Chris lost the next round I was the winner. I suspect he thought I would bail out of the evening at the suggestion of strip poker, and his roommates would have the chance to make fun of me and tell stories about me.

A punishment decided by the winner. Perhaps he owed them a favor, or perhaps he wanted a favor from them.