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Patpong show

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Patpong show

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The modern lifestyle of a city defines its culture.

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A ladyboy waits for a customer on Patpong street 1 as the market is being latpong away for the night. Upon leaving you will be presented with a bill of around baht for 2 drinks. Wondering what to pack for your Thailand and Asia trip? Instead, it was a small room with chairs facing a stage.

That time i went to a ping pong show in bangkoks red light district

I kept insisting no more than baht and the lady went to the back took out some floor cleaning solutions and a brush and told us to clean the toilet if we couldn't pay. Source Ping pong shows in Bangkok are as edgy as they sound.

My memory must have glossed over this part, instead, my mind became fixated on figuring out how these girls did what they did! The majority of the works are from poor, rural families. I would say Patpong is one of the few areas of Bangkok that you have to be extra careful about your wallet and other valuable for fear of getting pickpocketed.

Ping pong shows in bangkok - everything you need to know

The sex culture of Bangkok is its industrial culture too, and so respecting it and exposing yourself to its various facets is what you can do as a tourist. The building was non-descript. Ping pong shows in Bangkok are put up by women, and since they are sex shows, you can expect explicit and graphic exposure of female genitalia. Hell yeah. Patpong 1 is the street with the annoying market running through it, and Patpong 2 is the street with the annoying cars driving down it.

Personally, I hate all the techno rap music they play at Club Electric Blue, and also the terrible air-conditioning which seems to keep the passive smoke lingering in the air rather than remove it. Like in the movies; girls on stage dancing around sexily, corner booths filled with rich people drinking bottles of chilled champagne. You are supposed to tip between bhat for each act.

I was on edge. He drove so fast, I wondered if I would actually arrive alive and in one piece.

As the 2 of us walked out of the bar, we bumped in shw large group of guys led by a tout who just came out of a place that they stepped into then quickly stepped out of, and we asked if we could tag along with them. Keep in mind that places such as strip clubs at times purport the idea of dehumanising women to mere objects. However, men can be seen being escorted by women to rooms upstairs or into nearby hotels.

This specific tout had been following my group of friends around sbow around 30 minutes, and we sohw into him again leading the group of 8 other tourists. So off we went! Items can be inserted into the vagina either on stage as part of the performance or beforehand in preparation. There are 2 streets at Patpong, conveniently called Patpong 1 and 2 respectively.

That time i went to a ping pong show in bangkoks red light district

We're trying to fight the commercial sex trade, not empower the sex trade. As for the ping pong show scam, it is what it is. How do I know ptapong Ping Pong Shows are degrading and not empowering to the women who participate in them? Unsuspecting tourists are promised no cover charge by the touts for the shows but when it comes to paying the bill additional charges are added which mount to around per person.

How to survive a bangkok ping pong show without getting horribly scammed | dem flyers

The reality was a stage full of very tired looking Thai women, some young, some old. We went up. Club Electric blue is ok, but it can be hit and miss. You might see a sequential series of ribbons pop out, or go into in via the mouth and come out of the vagina. Pretty much no respectable Thai person goes to these things, and the main audience is curious tourists and pervert expats.

Upon reflection, naivety clearly played a huge part! Pay no attention to what the tout with the menu card says.

Beware the ping pong shows scam! - patpong night market

Travelling around Thailand? Packing up time for the market at Patpong.

Yes I have a wild imagination. Outside, this small backstreet was quiet with no ahow, apart from one white man who was urging people not to go into the bar. The group of around 10 of us went up the stairs into the room, but my friend and I thought it was somewhat mediocre and left. How long did it take to get them up there and what if one got stuck? Given that I had already asked what the fees were, I just stood there firmly and said I was told there was no cover, no exit fee, no viewing fee, etc, and drinks were Bhat each.

Ping pong at patpong, bangkok, thailand - feetdotravel

Then, we start walking by gogo bars. Asked the uncle sitting downstairs where's the nearest police and he asked me how much I paid upstairs and said it was his bar and that he cld return me the money. There were about twenty or so Thai women crammed onto this stage. As long as the family can survive, no questions are asked about where this money comes from.

I said I didn't want the money and I just wanted the police and I walked off since he was of no help.

Did you know about the ping-pong shows in bangkok?

Let me explain something about Patpong: Despite having lived in Bangkok for over 5 years now, I almost never go there. Something a little different? Be aware of this if you are likely to be highly intoxicated! This post was published by Share this post on social media. Research published in indicated that most bar workers regard the show as bad for business and do not like it.