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Northern mens sauna

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Northern mens sauna

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The whole expanse of humanity is here. Cliquish sometimes, those constantly on smart phone texting are here too. Some less than appealing park themselves for hours but a good time can be had if you are patient. Closed doors give the legal expectation of privacy you chose.

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Northern mens sauna & health - farrington st, flushing, ny

I called, and after only getting a chance to ask half of a question, was immediately hanged up on. Northern may not be the cleanest, but I feel it's one of the few places that carrie the old school swag of gay bath houses, I am to young to know what they looked like but al I have are movies, skin flick that keep the memoirs alive.

Wuerth said, standing on a street littered with debris from the gutted building, including dozens of condoms in wrappers. Five people were treated at the nens by Emergency Medical Service teams for minor burns and singed hair sustained in the fire, whose cause was under investigation. Wuerth said the patrons may have been trapped by the fire because there was only one door to the street, and no windows.

Northern men's sauna reviews, photos - queens - new york - gaycities new york

The fire, which mushroomed suddenly with a squna explosion and created blinding clouds of smoke, broke out about noon and destroyed the Northern Men's Sauna and Health Club, a two-story frame structure inside a warehouse at Farrington Street, on an industrial block just off the Northern Boulevard-Main Street hub of Northefn. The crane will be here to remove the walls. A Warren of Cubicles Fire officials said the establishment had only one exit, a steel door set in a larger garage door, and trapped persons might have been unable to find their way out of the club's maze-like warren of cubicles through the heavy flames and dense smoke.

Elbert Washington, a Fire Department spokesman, said that the firefighters noorthern the flames under control within an hour.

Northern mens sauna & health farrington st, flushing, ny -

I enjoy going when I so going once in a while, and other then the the mature men with year of hurt pride, I wish the steem room worked. Closed doors give the legal expectation of privacy you chose.

Scores of firefighters found the building in flames on arrival, norrthern said. Going only one time is just not doing justice for the place. The victim was far back in the building.

It's too dangerous to search the rubble tonight. Its only 10 buck of 15 for a room.

Northern men's sauna - new york - usa - spartacus gay sauna guide

When all of them look like they are 35 and up. Its worth 2 trips to see that you can enjoy it JJ Over a year ago Hates it Among the rudest service I have ever encountered. Firefighters were unable to get inside amid the onrthern walls and ceiling of a structure that had contained numerous small cubicles with beds, as well as coffee lounges, a bar, a sauna and exercise rooms. I continue going because of the great variety of guys that go there, minus the old and the out of shape ones.

Cliquish sometimes, those constantly on smart phone texting are here too.

Glenn Harris, of Fire Rescue Unit 4. At least eight patrons and employees escaped, some in towels and others fully clothed, witnesses said. There is always someone new and exciting to meet. Steven Sauma, a spokesman for the city Health Department, said last night that sex clubs, bathhouses and similar establishments are legal, but regulated under city health and safety codes and under state laws that prohibit nodthern establishment from permitting high-risk sex -- defined as anal intercourse and fellatio -- on their premises.

Client, well they were OK.

Northern mens sauna & health

Once you're in there, you're in there. He was definitely trapped.

I've been to some pretty shady places in my life one of the perks of being a gay man in NYCbut this one beats nirthern. I like the mixed crowd, even though alot of old and out of shape guys go AGAIN, what do you expect with no annual membership fee. Matthews said.

Rnyc1 Over a year ago Northern visit After reading some of the review I decided to experiment for myself and whet to check it out. They were a respectable, well-run business. As I enter the location I notice that how filthy, abandon and outdate all around.

Northern men's sauna - spartacus gay sauna guide

But they never caused any problems. I have never left unsatisfied This place is not A class, but is resonably as clean as a well worn bath can be. As I have learned that someone can norther something for the exact same reasons that I like it, well, some commentary from this venue's fans would be, well, it would be instructive.

An inspection force has been organized to enforce health and safety regulations, and the Health, Law, Fire and Saunaa Departments are coordinating enforcement efforts, Mr. To preserve these articles as they originally appeared, The Times does not alter, edit or update them.

Northern men's sauna & health club

I called back a few seconds later to ask about my other question, and the guy on the phone was flat out rude, yelling, accusing me of calling many times before, everyday, then hanging up abruptly once again, before I had a chance to respond. Fire officials said they were not certain the others were in the rubble, but had been unable to for their whereabouts. He said the club was in a frame building 70 feet long and 40 feet wide, set inside a brown brick warehouse on a block of automotive repair shops and garages.

My advice menz first timers is to go with no high expectations and to try to give the place another chance. They said someone in the club, apparently in an effort to get a car out after the fire began, had opened the garage door, suddenly admitting a large volume of oxygen that ignited a backdraft explosion, widening the fire. Something about the smell of sweat and sex is a deep inflection of a young mans sexual fire.

The guys where mostly fat or had beer guts.