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North hollywood bathhouse

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North hollywood bathhouse

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The guys at the counter are rude and complete imbeciles. The place is a filthy dump. The Jacuzzi smelled of piss and was green. I got a room and was charged 35 instead of the 20 for which I brought up to the guy and he just waved it off. Told him I was going to talk to the manager later and he just waved it off.

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North hollywood spa

Advocates for the closure said the bathhouses were places gay men met to have unprotected sex with strangers. Like its brethren Hollywood Spa, there's a charming Hollywood theme - with pictures and posters of movie stars and movies throughout. The bathrooms, steam, and sauna areas seemed to be recently renovated, and the outdoor deck and jacuzzi were in good shape I particularly enjoyed the jacuzzi. He attributed the decline in customers in part to a cultural change, which he said is having an impact on gay bathhouses across the country.

The rest of the complex was fairly clean, but the carpets were worn and should probably be replaced. But unlike Hollywood Spa, the music is not overwhelming and the atmosphere is much more low key. Maybe I have to pick a better day or time.

Hollywood spa, one of la’s oldest gay bathhouses, will close soon

Conditions apparently have deteriorated in recent years, with commenters on Yelp. Only two of them were actually looking at each other. Other reasons he cited are that the space is too big and that business is down. There are two video lounges playing porn, as well as random televisions throughout the complex playing both network television and porn including straight porn. When I checked out I expressed my feelings about the service and his attitude and he shrugged his shoulders and said he didn't care.

Sykes has owned Hollywood Spa since and also owns the North Hollywood Spa, another gay bathhouse. The spa was originally opened by Scott Goulet inwhen bathhouse culture was booming in the city. While a few bathhouses still exist that cater to a Gay clientele — FLEX Spa and North Hollywood Spa to name a few — the fact that the bathhouse has gone the way of the dodo says more about trends in law enforcement and national prudishness than anything else.

North hollywood spa

The oldest is Klyt Bathswith bathyouse primarily Latino clientele, at E. I haven't whored about the North Hollywood Spa very often, but generally have a good time there. The spa boasted on its website that it hosted overvisitors a year. There is a small outdoor deck with lounge chairs, and a few small video rooms.

These aholes can't have my money if they're running a hollywoor like this. When he finally got off his cell he was no help and very rude. It seemed that the more sexually open the bathhouse was, the more it would be targeted by law enforcement and political officials. I was here on a Sunday afternoon and there weren't that many men here maybe a dozen or sobut there was enough activity for me to enjoy myself.

Gay l.a.: the last los angeles bathhouse - the pride la

When I went on a Sunday afternoon, there were maybe people there. Whether or not the baths were morth fault for these crimes, the scene soon shut down, leaving only a few houses remaining in L.

Had some fun with an older guy who was obsessed with my backdoor. But with way more sex. It was really nice, but I would have liked to have played around with multiple guys like I normally do hollywoo spas.

The closing of Hollywood Spa leaves Los Angeles with at least six other gay bathhouses. Opponents said the bathhouses were the perfect venue for educating gay men about the consequences of unprotected sex and were an important gathering place in a city where many bahhouse hostile to gay people. GAY L. However, the layout is less desirable than some sex venues I've frequented over the bxthhouse, and the rooms are small, a bit cramped, and seem to be constructed at odd angles.

Hollywood Spaat Ivar Ave. When these bathhouses first opened, they had to fight against an openly homophobic government and a culture still viewed gay sex as deviant. The guys at the counter are rude and complete imbeciles.

He also confirmed that Hollywood Spa is six months behind in payment of its rent. But not for long.

In any case, though, I've sucked some terrific dick there and gotten my thick shaft milked and drained many times. A steam room exists, but it was being worked on that sucks!

Gay l.a.: the last los angeles bathhouse

Trying to understand a thick Latino accent through a thick plexiglass window was next to impossible and later when I told them about the non working remote, the "manager" was too busy on his cellphone laughing with his buddies even though he saw me standing there. But as the specter of AIDS darkened the mids, the baths came under fire as places where unsafe, multi-partner sex spread the disease. In addition to the usual lockers, rooms some with indoor windows allowing people see insauna, steam, and gym area -- there is also a cafe serving some basic food pizza, burgers, snacks, etcas well as an outdoor deck with a jacuzzi.

When I got in there I was looking forward to taking a shower but the guy cleaning the shower and steam rooms took about 4 hours to clean it holylwood still didn't do a very good job. The place is a filthy dump. I found the vibe to be no attitude, relaxed, and low key -- my kind of place.

Hollywood spa, one of la's oldest gay bathhouses, will close soon - wehoville

It was slower on the weeknight that I went but the Sat night was pretty busy. Two floors, nice steamroom and packed hallways make this place fun. Told him I was going to talk to the manager later and he just waved it off. Sunday afternoon is a good time to go and I have yet to go any other night.