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Nashville women

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Nashville women

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None of us want this cause to be our charge but, as we are learning, our careers depend on it. From St. Jude's children to disaster relief, veterans' issues and curing cancer, we are no stranger to opening our hearts and hands far and wide.

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Maybe you are just picking up backroom gigs in small bars.

What women want:

We need you to help us shed light on the current struggles facing women in music. Our collective voice womej change the current culture. We can spread that message through strength and solidarity. Country music isn't just three chords and the truth.

Working together, we will we pave the way to parity. Jude's children to disaster relief, veterans' issues and curing cancer, we are no stranger to opening our hearts and hands far and wide. If we all come together, we can work towards truly changing the culture of the business. With you in our corner, and us in yours, we will be able nawhville carve out a better future for everyone.

Nashville, tn women in business events | eventbrite

Ask questions, give thoughtful answers, and don't be afraid to speak up when something starts to cross the line. Maybe you're recording songs from your bedroom and getting seen on socials.

In order to achieve our goals, we need to prove that the women of music not only want MORE marketshare, opportunities, resources and equalitybut that they won't stop or settle until they get it. Well, maybe that's not a table you need to be at.

The 19th amendment to the United States Constitution was ratified on August 18, There isn't a lack of females wanting to make it in country music. Those women blazed the trail for so many incredible Nashville women that have come since and continue to pass the torch.

Nashville, tn women events | eventbrite

Together, we can elevate more active and aware women and men into leadership positions. From St. You are finally here. We all want to be recognized for our general personhood and acknowledged, first and foremost, for the contributions that we bring to the work. Together, we can demand with our dollars and invest in inclusivity. We're celebrating more than extraordinary people here, but know that there have been and will be many, many more.

Women in business

Brown Surgeon and first African American woman elected to the Tennessee's House of Representatives Dottie Rambo Gospel Artist and Songwriter, she wrote more than 2, songs and her music is known for its poetic lyrics and cross genre reaching melodies Ellen Lehman The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee founder and president; received the outstanding Nashvillian of the Year Award in for leading flood relief efforts Emily Reynolds Former Secretary of the U. And we are proudly following. As Martina McBride said, "The idea about not playing two females back to back We get that.

The real point is I get it. None of us want this cause to be our charge but, as we are learning, our careers depend on it.

A century of nashville women | visit nashville tn

A Century of Nashville Women Making History It's been years since brave women from across the state and country descended upon Nashville to fight for the right to vote. These women truly led by example. You want to be nashbille best producer. Follow those who are speaking out on social media and share what you can. They won.

Maybe you've "made it". It's a business and an industry that needs to change at its CORE.

Nashville women in film and television | advancing professional development

You have dreamed about being in the music business your entire life. Wherever you are, know this: we are stronger together. The problem is that, unfortunately, as an industry, we just aren't quite there yet. Be informed about who is leading the groups you are a part of and encourage inclusivity in their work. To quote Meghan Markle, "Women need a seat at the table, they need an invitation to be seated there, and in some cases, where this is not available, they need to create their own table.

Walk away from bad partners so you can stand with pride when better things come your way. What we lack is a ificant of people and places that are willing to play them. We have found these resources to be insightful and worth sharing.

It will take women willing to advocate for their own advancement, and men acknowledging that need, to see success. Maybe the ink isn't even yet dry on your record or publishing deal. Because a lot of times, they get to the table and they're so concerned with not losing the seat at the table.