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Names for bad weed

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Names for bad weed

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See also: Thesaurus:marijuana cigarette bat, banana hammock, beediebiff, biftah, baf, blunt cigar emptied of tobacco and filled with marijuanabreezie, bleezie, Camberwell carrot a very large spliff, the name comes from the film Withnail and Ifat chuffa, coner tappered so that the t resembles a conedoobiecannon or sometimes hand-cannon After the miracle miss scene in Pulp Fiction or fatty largeshniz, fattie-bo-blattie, Jtjig, jibber, jazzbine, shizzle, dor, L. Jacked up, shot at and missed, shit at and hit ,elevated,chinese eyed, zombified, gone. Cannabis strains[ edit ] A Ice, Ivory J Questionable Kush R

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Dagga: African name for weed.


It doesn't sit right on most people's tongues. Give him a break. It earned its name from its appearance. Other Marijuana Names List of Nicknames for Weed We have categorized the different names for weed into two : popular nicknames for weed and the other different names for weed.

Marijuana synonyms & slang words for cannabis | ganjapreneur

Bomb chron is ideally lush in color, fresh-smelling, and covered in trichomes. This allows for a break from all of the link posts during the week, so the community can share their stories and talk with each other.

Cannon: Because of the shape of bongs, which sort of look like glass cannons. Ciggie: Bastardization of cigarette. Please make sure to read the rules before posting. Skunk: The smell of marijuana has often been likened to that of a skunk or skunk cabbage.

Chronic: From the idea of smoking weed every day; a stoner is someone who is also a chronic. Bud British Columbia where very potent weed is grown.

+ alternative nicknames for weed

This is the desired plant life cycle for cannabis growers, and the term namez often used to describe quality, top-shelf buds. Most cannabis flower is sold in bud form, allowing users to choose based on trichomes and customize their own grind. Ashes: Often burning weed will produce quite a bit of ash. Choof This is soooo fuckin Australian right?

For a tourist seeking something specific like a t or a dealer more specific slang would be needed. Viva la revolution.

Appendix:cannabis slang - wiktionary

These indexes are then used to find usage correlations between slang terms. Stank: When your weed is particularly stinky and can refer to particularly old weed. Honestly, how fucking stupid.

With unique anti-inflammatory properties, cannabis and CBD products have been used by patients to treat pain, swelling, anxiety, insomnia, appetite loss and much more. But like, you gotta be cool enough to pull it off.

Learn more about self-promotion on Reddit here. Naturally, we are less strict regarding the removal of text posts.

Day: why there are so many different names for weed

The Devil's Lettuce This is never as funny as you think it is when you weex it. How ridiculous. But why are there hundreds and hundreds of words for pot? Blunt: For a stubby hand-rolled t that is quickly or hastily put together and when it begins to burn becomes blunt on one end.

DaKine: A Hawaiian surfer term; also a popular product brand of outdoor gear, i. Special thanks to the contributors of the open-source code that was used in this project: kriskHubSpotand mongodb.

Words for marijuana

Krippies: Particularly moist marijuana which is only smoked via a bowl or bong. For someone looking for herb in a foreign wesd asking for yerba would be a more generic term. In adult-use states, the term Medical applies to products used by patients rather than recreationally. Gungun: Possibly a Star Wars reference to an alien species who are goofy and kind of talk like they are high.

And the wide variety of people who smoke marijuana across the globe were bound to come up with different words.

Marley frequently referred to cannabis as Kaya in his music and even released an album of the same name. I really really am! Wacky tobacky is a reference to tobacco, probably because both were rolled up into paper and then smoked, but one made the smoker a little bit more silly.

Now, all I can think about is how low-quality that feral weed must have been. Loud weed is said by many to be stronger and faster-acting than normal product, and while it can get users higher faster, it fof often also cause negative side effects like anxiety.

The color itself is also used to on adult-use storefronts and medical dispensaries such as on green crosses or age that al the sale of cannabis and its related paraphernalia. Herb: Pretty basic; a reference to the fact that cannabis is a plant, but also had its roots as medicine or herb in ancient cultures. Note that this thesaurus is not in any way affiliated with Urban Dictionary.

Really, I am just, so, so under qualified to write anything about weed. Cannabis is also green, so the association with lettuce is only natural. And sometimes "sometimes" turns to every time.

Urban thesaurus - find synonyms for slang words

Nixon: Namee of President Nixon who was opposed to marijuana. Left-hand cigarettes: Because it was thought that cowboys smoked tobacco with their right hand, so stoners who were more Liberal and Leftist smoked with their left.

Grades are slipping a little bit, but who know what's going on at home. So it's all ours! This is simply due to the way the search algorithm works. I like this one. The little red hairs growing all over the nuggets give it the look of being ablaze.