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My wifes first big dick

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My wifes first big dick

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Become a supporter today to get access to hot stories, JOI, captions, and more. My husband, sadly for him, is not blessed with a big cock. He measures in at just above 4 inches erect. It would be fair to call it small. I certainly have, many wies in fact. I remind him of it quite often because he loves to hear it.

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He buried his cock inside me, announced he was cumming, and held his position as he spurted over and over into the condom. I urged him to do so by wrapping my legs around his and soon he was pushing in and out of me.

I was wet enough to take eifes with ease and as he pushed inside me I closed my eyes, arched my back, and groaned at that blissful feeling of fullness that overtook me. Cheating wife wanted to suck her first BBC. Become a Patreon supporter today for lots more cuckold stories like this one, including plenty of first person adventures. Size really did matter that night. It turns out that being relatively inexperienced and sheltered when it came to sex meant that I was missing out.

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There was no need to worry. As they dropped to the floor I looked ,y and saw the incredible, mouth-watering bulge of his big cock.

This felt different. I gave an eager, wet blowjob to the biggest cock that had ever been in my mouth. Finally, I was going to experience a man with the length and girth I craved. Our first such experience came with a man named Brad. He gently pressed it against my opening and rubbed it between my labia, picking up the lubrication of my lusty juices. firxt

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Despite my desire, he sensed a hint of apprehension on my part and went as slowly as possible. I let loose a throaty, loud moan and told him to fuck me deeper. I was on my knees sucking a big cock and it was mt me wet, which had most definitely never happened before. When Brad arrived I answered fiirst door in my lingerie and stood in the doorway so he could admire my body.

Amateur wife first big dick

With every thrust it felt like I was on the edge of orgasm and I ended up climaxing a handful of times before the night was over. I was completely lost in the joy of having someone of such size inside me.

My wife did wifes first big cock FREE videos found on www. But as it was with the dildo, it felt incredible.

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My hot bitch vs big cock - My hot bitch vs big cock. He groaned quietly and his fingers gently ran through my hair, applying the slightest bit of pressure to urge his dick deeper. I bit my lip as I felt a sense of genuine joy come over me. He revels in his inadequacies. I remind him of wfies quite often because he loves to hear it.

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He stepped into the room, closed the door behind him, and walked towards the bed with his strong hand on my lace-clad ass. Very hot. I have no regrets about that decision, either, especially since I started cuckolding him. He picked me up firs I wrapped my legs around him as we kissed. I was madly in love with my husband just a few months into dating him and there was no question I wanted to marry him.

My husband, sadly for him, is not blessed with a big cock. I started out grinding sensually, but I wanted to feel that pussy stretching pleasure and was soon bouncing furiously on him to get every inch in me over and over. He got between my legs and used his fingers and tongue on me first to make sure I was nice wet.

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I knew that would excite the new cuckold and was happy to get on my hands and knees and look into his sweet eyes as I was taken by another man. He was masturbating furiously as Brad fucked me and I let him know exactly how good vig felt to have a big cock pounding my pussy.

The experience of being fucked by my first big cock was intensely pleasurable. I figured it would do little to nothing for me, but I was wrong. Cheating wife screams so loud because of my big cock.

I played with his heavy balls with one hand, stroked him with the other, and sucked eagerly on the head of his dick while alternating between looking up at him ky closing my eyes.