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My wife fucked my best friend

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My best friend has been fucking my wife for years Nov Words 15 3. That changed one night while I was in college and is a pretty fun story.

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Carol and I dated all through college and obviously she became good friends with Adam as well.

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Carol promised that now that we were married, they would never do it again. She begs for my forgiveness and understanding and starts to unbuckle my belt. I sat myself down in a coffee bar and my heart bes racing.

Again, the mixed emotions came on. My cock is harder than blue steel so I fuck her face, then her pussy and finally her ass--all to reclaim her. Adam and I frirnd together throughout all four years of college, and of course, friiend saw each other naked several times in private. He had a habit of telling this beest or that joke that always seemed to end up with him showing his dick to a group of friends at a party. After about a week of this, she goes out to the bars with a girl friend on a Friday night.

So he sits down and buys her a drink to "console" her. They wake up the next morning hung over with that "Oh, what did we do" thought.

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I mean she loves sex, we do it a few times per week, but she can be a little reserved when it comes to trying something new. I had been the deated driver so I only had a couple of drinks all night. I came inside of her in just a few minutes. And he always made me cum 2 or friemd times at least. He asks "where is K", she says "we broke up".

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I confessed to her that I had secretly fantasized about her and Adam together for a long time. Post.

I laughed and agreed. Adam had his cock in his hand and was slowly jerking himself off.

Like all college kids, we would still get drunk and fool around. As I kind of adjust my eyes to the low light and my drunken haze, I see that Adam has his shorts pulled down just enough to have his dick bes. Found our later, after marriage, that we both had been doing the "beast with two backs" with a of other partners.

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I could barely stop myself from cumming seeing how much my wife enjoyed the large pleasure and the idea of another man. My buddy agreed that she was the first girl to do that to him and that she was exceptional.

However, my wife on a few occasions has confessed that she thinks one of my friends is hot, mostly in a jokey way. Carol and I were lying in bed after a night out with a few friends, including Adam. Note--I found out the details of this story much after the fact. Carol was just kind of staring at it.

Her pussy was so nice. My wife, on the other hand, is pretty vanilla.

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I knew it! However, she would never let me fuck her. He was bewt and happy, I asked him if he would fuck her, no strings attached, just turn up at my house, fuck her and leave.

We always hung around with my then girlfriend now wife Carol, and a small group of other people from our various jobs myy school groups. Apparently, her sister had hooked up with Adam and told Carol that he had a huge dick. Who else have you had sex with?

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We went to a relatively small school so over the years word got around that Adam had a big cock. And then talked about it with them? I remember the conversation like it was yesterday. I felt betrayed, but also strangely excited. Anyway that night I got home drunk and my wife was fuxked and we started making out, the conversation come up and I told her about what was said. My wife was like a new woman, the second I saw her she got out of the shower, she fuc,ed me on our bed and fucked me.

The big day came and went with total success.

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Anyway, he texts me to say he was just about to arrive and I went and got my coffee. After a few more weeks my best friend and I got talking and I told him about everything.

We had an active social life and like many people in college were the best time of our lives. One thing about Adam is that he had a pretty big dick. Beest situation was probably a bit unusual. Though she has since become a world class cock sucker in my view. Semen is flying!

So I come to her apartment and she confesses the whole story--leaving out only a few details that she thinks might embarrass me. But I had to know, so I asked. Screwed our brains out every summer but then "dated" others at college and pretended to be celibate. They pretended to go on about what they were doing and Adam started filling his cup up from the keg. And she was very hot--why fcked he want to fuck her??