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My hot sister swimming naked in our pool

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My hot sister swimming naked in our pool

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My father is from a Chinese background and swimmkng mum is from Australia, so both Ana and I have a mid dark complexion. Ana and I were very close as kids, being only a year apart, as well as being the only kids to our parents. We poool to do everything together. We were both involved in heaps of sports like swimming and football, so we kept quite competitive and coincidentally fit. So my parents dropped me back home, and they left straight after.

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The alternative for those of us girls that had not worn our suits would be to get our clothes wet while we waded into the water as none of the girls would dare to be so brazen as the boys and disrobe. On one occasion I was one of only three boys swimming bare but generally speaking nudity was the order of the day. For a couple of days all I can remember was how hot and humid it was, and the aunt constantly promising to take us swimming if we behaved and did our chores.

She told me that before prohibition she was a "flapper" and sang and danced while drinking and smoking with men, something that ostracized her from the rest of her family. Knowing what to expect, I undressed behind a tree while still trying to avoid their inquisitive eyes by hiding my genitals when on land and kept my waist below the water level. But such reprieve never came as she clearly had no issue with the request.

With myself on the peak of exploding, I told Ana I wanted to fuck her. I wrapped my legs around her ass, causing the bulge in my tight speedos to force into her red bikini bottom. All of the boys adopted an uninhibited attitude to their nudity with plenty of frolicking, running and lots of bending down. For a brief moment I stood there completely stark naked while the four girls stopped splashing about and turned looking at me with a wide-eyed look of intense interest and pleasure in seeing me naked, which heightened my embarrassment and prompted me to immediately hide my genitals with my hands.

My aunt scolded me that I should never walk into the rooms without knocking first. I know this because I personally experienced it. I have not heard this expression used anywhere else and think it must be peculiar to the area. She told me to finger her, so I slipped two fingers in her tight cunt. Yet we know that although this expectation was placed on the girls, it was common for boys to swim stark naked from head to feet, often when in the presence of girls.

But a rather not-so-hidden secret was that we did not need to go into the pool area to see everything. Ana and I were very close as kids, being only a year apart, as well as being the only kids to our parents. We looked each other in the eyes.

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As I twisted, my dick, which was still lodged between baked thighs was pulling out and pushing back in as I lunged with my hands to get the speedos from her firm grip. Here I hor to grunt and moan. I remember being naked constantly as parading about in all my glory, as were my brothers. Right then I knew she wanted me! But this made me like her all the more as ppol was always fun, and when I was told to stay in my room as punishment for something, she would sneak in and slip swimmingg some cake and a hug.

After doggy style, she mounted him like a lusty cowgirl, and he rammed her vigorously from beneath. The internal corridor leading to the doors could not be seen from the locker room, so we could be in there without being seen by all the other girls, and especially, or our P. But when I asked my grandmother, she confirmed it and rolled her eyes saying "That's your Aunt Ginny for you!

The other thing was there was stadium seating that looked over the swimming pool. Every time Ana thrust down, I could feel her smooth, shaven, 18 year old pussy lips slap my chest.

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Her ass presided above the water line, as the water would flow over it. First, boys of all ages skinny dipped in the swimming holes. Not all of the boys were nude, about half of them went in naked, usually the ones aged pokl about nine to thirteen. It was not done out of maliciousness or a sadistic attempt to humiliate me but to help her daughters learn and grow up in the only way accessible to a rural family during that era.

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She and her girlfriends received a good anatomy lesson over the years, seeing boys in a non-sexual, non-threatening environment. Since I was 4 until I was 18, those two buildings were where I grew up. Due to my exhaustion, Ana caught up to me and in order to stop me from getting further away, she grabbed at my speedos from my ass, while I was still swimming away.

So their curiosity was normal and a healthy part of their development, and I've never faulted them for what they did, but on the contrary, was pleased for the time I had with them. She then turned back to her book as though not interested in what we were discussing, almost as if she didn't want her presence to interfere with what was developing between us.

That period of inspection seemed like an sisger, although it probably could have been measured in minutes. Her pale, wet breast was so soft, young and untouched, while being so newly large. I never knew any of the girls who went to these sessions.

I was about 12 years old when I went there for the first time. But rather than question her sister's judgement in having me present my naked genitals to the girls, her response was "I'm not sure that was a good idea, that water could have given you an ear infection. The younger girls giggled at the term, the the youngest said "nu uh, mom, are those Tim's balls? We both wanted each other so much.

Rather than miss out on the game by getting dressed, I I instead went into their room still buck naked and played the entire game with them nude.

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I started to head to go out the back again, and was thinking how I would approach the situation and wake her up. They knew swimming nude usually meant that their sister and I and other girls and moms would see them nude, yet they went in nude in spite of or perhaps because of the presence of females. The older sister, who was a characteristically bossy and forceful, repeated the request, but more forcefully as if commanding me to stand at attention and present my testicles to them.

It wasn't until a few years later I learned of such things, but it wasn't from my parents.

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The only thing preventing her from complete nakedness was her tiny red bikini bottom, nakked her tight, round ass was desperately seeking its way out. They ranged in age from about 8 to swimminv at the time, and I was around 13 or so, if I remember correctly. Her swimmming moans were only getting louder as she was becoming hornier by the second, feeling his warm tongue licking her all over, from her clit to her anus.

I undressed as quickly as I could, it felt funny when I got to the part where I would normally pull on my tight trunks but I left them off and with a feeling of freedom I plunged into the pool. We never really thought about it too much.

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As I pushed her siwter by her head, she sank down and her face scrolled into the ever increasing bulge in my speedos. A bit baffled, I asked what the big deal was and she responded that boys should never be in the presence of girls unless they are completely dressed, which again gets back to the issue of it being improper for boys to ever see girls in any other way. When I asked her about when she first learned about sex and boys, she began by telling me how the Calvinistic Doctrines followed by her family meant they were to learn things based upon Bible allegories to explain the facts of life.

My balls lapped up against her firm ass cheeks and my entire cock was buried in her tight virgin pussy.