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Lesbian stem

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Lesbian stem

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Ally — Someone who confronts heterosexism, homophobia, biphobia, transphobia, heterosexual and genderstraight privilege in themselves and others; a concern for the well-being of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, and intersex people; and a belief that heterosexism, homophobia, biphobia and transphobia are social justice issues. Asexual — Person who is not sexually attracted to anyone or does not have a sexual orientation. These practices are often misunderstood as abusive, but when practiced in a safe, sane, and consensual manner can be a part of healthy sex life. Many men who do not have lrsbian or all of these characteristics define themselves as bears, making the term a very loose one. Berdache — A generic term used ste, refer to a third gender person woman-living-man.

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This term is sometimes used to refer to the gender variant community as a whole.

Sometimes adopted affirmatively by lesbians not necessarily masculine ones to refer to themselves. Berdache — A generic term used to refer to a third gender person woman-living-man. Straight — Another term for heterosexual. An umbrella term which embraces a stek of sexual preferences, orientations, and habits of the not-exclusively- heterosexual-and-monogamous majority.

Also, the benefits homosexuals and bisexuals receive as a result of claiming heterosexual identity or denying homosexual or bisexual identity. Intersexed Person—Someone whose sex a doctor has a difficult time categorizing as either male or female. Two-Spirited — Native persons who have attributes of both genders, have distinct lewbian and social roles in their tribes, and are often involved with mystical rituals shamans.

Sexual orientation varies and is not dependent on gender identity. Can be used in a positive or a derogatory way, depending on who is using it. Sex — A medical term deating a certain combination of gon, chromosomes, external gender organs, secondary sex characteristics and hormonal balances.

Heterosexual Privilege —Those benefits tsem automatically leesbian being heterosexual that are denied to homosexuals and bisexuals. Eventually, it came to be used as an umbrella term that included gay men, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgender people. Heterosexism — Prejudice against individuals and groups who display nonheterosexual behaviors or identities, combined with the majority power to impose such prejudice.

T Top — A person who is said to take a more dominant role during sexual interactions.

A reclaimed word that was formerly used solely as a slur but that has been semantically overturned by members of the maligned group, who use it as llesbian term of defiant pride. Biphobia — The fear of, discrimination against, or hatred of bisexuals, which is often times related to the current binary standard.

Is sometimes also used to refer to a lesbian who is seen as automatically passing for heterosexual. Internalized Oppression — The process by which a member of an oppressed group comes to accept and live out the inaccurate stereotypes applied to the oppressed group. Fag Hag — A term primarily used to describe women who prefer the social company of gay men. Many men who do not have one or all of these characteristics define themselves as bears, making the term a very loose one.

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Pansexual — A person who is sexually attracted to all or many gender expressions. Straight-Acting — A term usually applied to gay men who readily pass as heterosexual.

This term can be perceived as derogatory because it reinforces stereotypes that all gay men are fashion-conscious and materialistic. Transman—An identity label sometimes adopted by female-to-male transsexuals to ify that they are men while still affirming their history as females.

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Transgender — A person who lives as a member of a gender other than that expected based on anatomical sex. Lesbian Baiting — The heterosexist notion that any woman who prefers the company of woman, or who does not have a male partner, is a lesbian. Often includes a political agenda to challenge gender stereotypes and the gender binary system.

These practices are often misunderstood as abusive, but when practiced in a safe, sane, and consensual manner can be a part of healthy sex life. Genderqueer — A gender variant person whose gender identity is neither male nor female, is between or beyond genders, or is some combination of genders. Cisgender — describes someone who feels comfortable with the gender identity and gender expression expectations ased to them based on their physical sex.

In the Closet — Refers to a homosexual, bisexual, transperson or intersex person who will not or cannot disclose their sex, srem, sexual orientation or gender identity to their friends, family, co-workers, or society.

Lgbtq glossary

Institutional Oppression — Arrangements of a society used to benefit one group at the expense of another through the use of language, media, education, religion, economics, etc. Conversely, stone butches are less fluid in their sexuality and do not want to receive sexual contact from their sexual partners. Intergender — A person whose gender identity is between genders or a combination of genders.

Prejudice — A conscious or unconscious negative belief about a whole group of people and its individual members. O Oppression — The systematic subjugation of a group of people by another group lfsbian access to social power, the result of which benefits one group over the other and is maintained by social beliefs and practices. This can be a continual, life-long process for homosexual, bisexual, transgender, and intersexed individuals.

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Butch — A person who identifies themselves as masculine, whether it be physically, mentally or emotionally. Q Queer — 1. This differs from leebian heterosexual male in that a male lesbian is primarily attracted to other lesbian, bisexual or leesbian identified people. Heteronormativity—The assumption, in individuals or in institutions, that everyone is heterosexual, and that heterosexuality is superior to homosexuality and bisexuality.

Examples include hairstyle, gait, vocal inflection, body shape, facial hair, etc.

Usually used to the advantage of the group in power. Ongoing discrimination creates a climate of oppression for the affected group. It occurs when members of a more powerful social group behave unjustly or cruelly to members of a less powerful social group.

Soft butch

Soft butch women might want to lesnian a more passive role sexually or romantically in their relationships, which is generally associated with feminine sexual behavior. Lesbiaan Identity — How a person identifies physically: female, male, in between, beyond, or neither. Even positive stereotypes can have a negative impact, however, simply because they involve broad generalizations that ignore individual realities.

Any attitude, action, or practice — backed by institutional power — that subordinates people because of their sexual orientation.

H Hermaphrodite—An out-of-date and offensive term for an intersexed person. A top position does not imply more power.

Lipstick Lesbian — Usually refers to a lesbian with a feminine gender expression. It is this fear that enforces sexism as well as heterosexism. Drag King — A person who performs masculinity theatrically. I Identity Sphere — The idea that gender identities and expressions do not fit on a linear scale, but rather on a sphere that allows room for all expression without weighting any one expression as sgem than another.