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Kasia kaoir

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Kasia kaoir

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Thank you! I am new here so I am really not sure what this means? It doesn't appear to me that you formally submitted your sandbox for approval as a draft, but another user tagged it as vandalism for speedy deletion.

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As you have a COI, you should use Articles for Creation to create new articles, and for existing articles you should suggest changes on the relevant article talk click "Talk" at the top of the article you are viewing, then edit normally. Cullen Let's discuss it20 November UTC References for creating new articles What constitutes an article jasia being "notable"?

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Basically, if you make your proposed Wikipedia edits during your work hours and your boss is happy with that, it is paid editing. Although I advocate for iaoir to inactive, another matter is that someone raised the idea of making an infobox for law enforcement units such as SWAT-type units since the military unit infobox is used for them. I know it's irrelevant, but I just had to mention it.

Wow, I guess my edits are adding up No Response Posted Each article needs to be independently verifiable. Browse through the hottest masseuses from all ethnicities including Asian providers, Latina providers, Caucasian providers, Black providers and more all offering body rubs, body rub massages, asian massages in Medford massage parlors. But I am a new user and always ready to learn. A user reversed my contribution and sent me some unfriendly comments.

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I added the uned template just now with your name, but you might want to fix it with your own ature. You'll find the definition at WP:Notable. The cost of maintaining its servers, supporting education and outreach projects into world-wide communities, and encouraging volunteers to contribute to develop these sites is considerable. Shes a curvy 54 lb, 38DDs, black curly hair, and hazel eyes.


If you are paid for your work, you are also required to read and kadia with the paid editing policy at WP:PAID this is required by Wikipedia's Terms of Use if you are a paid editor. Diamond Massage. Having music available for sale online is not in and of itself evidence of notability, as it is not difficult to post music online.

If you are in a content dispute with another editor, you should first attempt to discuss the matter with them to reach a resolution on the article talk.

Discover Nuru Nuru means slippery. With keywords.

I suggest you have a look at Expert editors. If you add information to some other article, please bring the citations with you, if you are confident that they verify the content you just added.

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In regards to the original poster, my warning was mainly in response to the post left on my talk. This is what the guy said though. What else should I be alert about? Rejecting my explanation that an invention basically is a "tric" with no other comment that it would be "US-centric" does not help the debate either.

Can someone help me here? Cullen Let's discuss it20 November UTC How do I look at what someone has written in their own sandbox to do a peer review I am trying to find a classmates sandbox article to do a peer review, but I cant find it at all.

Kasia kaoir

The incident resulted in no casualties and it certainly does not belong in an article about a war that took place 55 years ago. She actually is typically the perfect sleeker that has been that amazing awe with myself. Textbooks are very different from encyclopedia kkasia, are written in a different style for a different audience. This individual thought extra versatile if you need to time a place in order to meet.

Davep's appraisal well before by myself geared up the girl's lay incredibly upright upon by myself. If you are looking for tasks that need to be done to improve the encyclopedia, please take a look at the Community portal.

Does the article have to be about someone who is famous? You may find it easier to use Articles for Creation to do so, which will give you feedback from a reviewer.

I recently edited the Sino-Indian War article by updating it with the conflict. Everyone here is an unpaid volunteer, as are the host of editors who create content on this and other oasia Wikis around the world.

Take a look at the references for Whoa Nellie Delian article I wrote about an unusual restaurant in a remote part of California. I am doubtful that the topic meets the notability guidelines, but the metaphor of spoons is increasingly common.

There are other articles about the troubled relationship between India and China where this content might better belong.