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How much to rent apartment in bangkok

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How much to rent apartment in bangkok

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One of the most important things to consider when renting is location. As they always say: location is everything.

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There are quite a of nice serviced apartments and rentals.

This means getting to and from home can be hard work at times, especially when it rains. But a law was passed in that says landlords can only collect a one-month deposit if they own more than five units, houses, or townhouses. Finding a good hotel deal can be done through Booking and Agoda.

Websites like Slice of Thai provide leases samples. The closer you are to central Bangkok the more expensive! Living in Bangkok is very different to visiting as a tourist.

They almost always take some of your deposit for curtain and rug cleaning, painting, and cleaning the room. If you show interest, they will be happy to show you a room and give you the criteria for renting with them.

Property for rent in bangkok | thailand-property

As such, I recommend you find a temporary place to stay before committing to a long-term lease. Costs for water are minuscule in Bangkok. You can buy a plug-in hot plate for around Baht. Conclusion Like I mentioned above, the best way to find the cheapest apartments in Bangkok is to physically walk around.

How much money do i need to live in bangkok?

The best way to get your deposit back is ib take pictures of furniture and spaces, keep good relationships with landlords, and treat the interior well. Lease Term of 12 Months Most landlords would prefer 12 months rental contracts, pricing their property based on the assumption the tenant rdnt guarantee a lease of a minimum of 1 Year. Phone and Internet Some buildings have their own expensive phone lines and slow internet service.

Contract and Deposit Basically if you have enough money, you can quite easily rent an apartment in Bangkok. Cable TV is around Baht a month. As they always say: location muchh everything.

However, my experience is that a soft approach like negotiating a partial return ends up being much faster and cheaper. It is important to note, that in central locations options on this price level may be older and less plush compared to non-central locations.

The quality of decoration and furniture should be better, fridges, freezers and air-con will be standard, although there might still be no kitchen hot platesand televisions and wifi may well be provided. You will also need to activate the phone line for the internet connection which is another couple of hundred baht. Even in budget rental apartments in Bangkok, most buildings are kept very tidy, clean and are even secured by key card front doors and a night guard. This means their immediate surroundings are often a candidate for your long-term accommodation as well.

How to rent cheap apartments in bangkok, thailand

This option is cheaper than kuch in a hotel, relative to duration, but slightly more expensive than renting an apartment through an agent. Deposits Similar to renting an officea standard deposit in Thailand is two bangkpk. Basic Rooms: — 10, Baht You can rent a very basic room in Bangkok for around — 10, Baht a month — it will probably be about 30 square metres, have its own bathroom with shower and toilet and have some furniture of varying quality for bed, table, chairs. Gym, Pool, etc….

Hotels Hotels are also a good option. Better Rooms: 10, — 15, Baht When you pay between 10, to 15, Baht, you can find some good quality studio apartments — also around 30 square metres — in central areas of Bangkok like Thong Lor and other districts of Sukhumvit, the main artery road apzrtment the city.

An in-depth guide to renting an apartment in bangkok

For around 5, baht, you can usually have your own phone line set up and get the internet for a flat rate of baht. If you go a little further down to Phra Khanong and On Nut, there are lo of little apartments and condos for rent.

If you speak Thai, you will save yourself a lot of money — and a bajgkok of grief! He argued that it was normal wear and tear. One of the most important things to consider when renting is location.

Physically walk around an area of town that you want to live in and visit apartments that looks suitable. Underrated Tk Sukhumvit, Sathorn, and Silom tend to pop up first when asking around for areas where expats like to live in Bangkok. My personal recommendation on booking a hostel would be hostelworld.

Basic Apartments in Bangkok Basic apartments in Bangkok are normally single room hangkok apartments with an ensuite bathroom and balcony, but NO kitchen. Prices tend to inevitably vary widely, depending on the expectations and requirements of a renter.

An in-depth guide to renting an apartment in bangkok

Libel and slander are criminal and civil offenses in Thailand and once you get sued, you might find it hard to leave the country. Support Us Rental Leases in Thailand The language in the leases you encounter in Thailand will raise the hair on the back of your neck. The maximum registered lease term is 30 years. If the lease gets cancelled, the landlord can call the police to forcibly remove jn if you refuse to leave after the lease is up. But not all especially the cheapest apartments are listed on websites, so in my opinion, one of the best ways to search for an apartment is to take the hands on approach.

Apartments for rent in bangkok | thailand-property

If you would like to play it safe with your lease, you can ask a lawyer to review it for you. While your deposit is at risk, things look better for your belongings.

Areas of Bangkok 4. Bills Electricity, water, cable TV and internet are the main utilities you will need to pay in Bangkok. With several high-quality Condos in both non-central and central locations available at that range.

Cost of living in bangkok. sep prices in bangkok

Often these apartments are serviced, meaning a maid will come and clean once a week, either inclusive in the price or for a set monthly fee. The unit layouts range from 1-Bed Sqm and offer comfortable city apaetment interiors such as a small kitchen, modern bedroom and bathroom. You need to ask yourself if you want to be in the center of town, close to the BTS or MRT train lines, or are you alright to live away from the center of town in a more local neighborhood?

So for the sake of simplicity, we will only explore standard living options acceptable to most renters. Most units between those price points are modern, stylish and well-presented therefore making them ideal for working professionals. Electricity — There are quite a few little places to catch wi-fi and a lot of hidden neighborhood restaurant hang outs.