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How ethical are you

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How ethical are you

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Ethical dilemmas are found everywhere—from the lab to the boardroom to the grocery store. Learning to make ethical decisions starts with understanding your motivations.

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That was a mistake, said Brenner and Mollander, suggesting that managers needed to reexamine a of their unwisely held assumptions.

Question 8: You're at a friend's house playing with their dog, and just like a clutz, knock over a shelf while your friend is out of the room. Bruce Weinstein, Ph.

Ask for two adult tickets. Tell her to pull over and let you out.

Ethics quiz: ethics quiz: how ethical are you?ethical are

If there were a difference between the two groups, it was that HBR readers of were somewhat more cynical than their counterparts of in that they were more quick to attribute questionable behavior to their colleagues than to themselves. Related Quizzes:. What idiot would just leave an easy 'A' just sitting there? You notice a couple loading their groceries into their car.

Buy two adult tickets, watch the film you paid for, then sneak into another auditorium and watch another for free.

If it's too loud, you're too old! Pocket the change without thought Return the change to the cashier You need to withdraw money from your bankso you go to an ATM.

What’s your ethics iq? - business ethics speaker

Grab her phone and toss it out the window. Would you: Tell the waiter about the hos. Walk away Point to it and expect him to notice Tell the man where on the sidewalk the wallet is and walk away Pick the wallet up for the man and hand it to him Question 2: Someone at your job is fired and they claim that they are coming back later in the day for revenge. Are you an ethical person?

How "ethical" are you? - personality quiz

Report your colleagues to a supervisor. You notice the kind, shy hoe being shunned. Ethical dilemmas are found everywhere—from the lab to the boardroom to the grocery store. HBR readers back in the day saw themselves as somewhere in a middle ground, ethically — less ethical than professors or doctors but more ethical than government officials, lawyers, elected politicians, and union officials in that order. I don't ever remember going to jail Yeah I smoked it, and I'll smoke you if you ask me again!

The ultimate ethics quiz

When you approach the crowd, you see three bigger students tormenting ylu helpless smaller student. It is intended only as a snapshot - NOT a detailed assessment of your character - and is deed merely to get you thinking about a few choices you might make in certain everyday situations.

Would you: Ask her to stop doing that. Take this quiz to find out if you are as ethical as everyone thinks you are.

Moment of truth: online ethics quiz

Ignore him and pair with your friend Pair with him Ask the teacher for an exemption and do a group with he and your friend The day after your laptop stops working, you're caught in a riot. Learning to make ethical decisions starts with understanding your motivations. By the end you should have a better understanding of the consistency with which you make decisions based on what is fair and honest.

Ignore it. Rating helps us to know which quizzes are good and which are bad. Would you: Stay at home and rest. Stop and see if you can help resolve the dilemma Stop and give them directions to the best mechanic in town and let the next driver pick them up Stop and offer the person a ride to the nearest service station Keep driving You notice that an electronics store is being looted.

How ethical are you?

Secretly record them with your cell phone video camera and post the clip on YouTube. Go in and stand up to the bullies and crowd in Ignore the situation Tell a staff member You are listening to music one morning when you get a call or a door visit from a neighbor. They posed four hypothetical situations, asking in each case, first, What would you do? In it, they compared the of a situational ethics test that 1, HBR readers had taken the year with a similar test readers had taken back in Question 1: A blind man drops his wallet on the sidewalk and you notice that no one is assisting him in retrieving it.

Tell your supervisor and everyone else of their intentions and warn them to leave the building before they return Decide that you are also fed up with your workplace and them Tell the person you know somebody that can hook them up with the right weapons to take them out if need be Call the police Ignore it, they're not serious Question 3: There is a person with car trouble on the side of the road, but you're on your way to an important engagement.

Take this quiz of possible everyday scenarios and find out if you are an upstanding citizen or a person in need of a virtue fill-up.