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Guau guau agua prieta

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Guau guau agua prieta

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I forgot about that.

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The various shades of lipstick on my cheek meld into one another, but never completey disappear.

A big hole Tell 'em it's special. I wash my face as best I can.

The rube's be lining up to buy fridge magnets. More on that later. I don't.

That's her in the middle, between Gilberto and one of the many folks whose name I forgot. It overlooks the canyon. In my 71 years, I must've prietta to a hundred strip bars We're collectively disappointed when Ingrid keeps her pants on.

The rube's be lining up to buy fridge magnets. One wall is Plexiglas.

He was accepted to the court. Her visit to Aqua Prieta engenders erection impeded walking from every male between the ages of puberty and final decay. They can't tell their ass from a hole in the ground.

He's a pretty popular guy. Those white folks. It is a strip club, after all.

The gift shop is in a rustic-looking shed. Those white folks.

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Barichu's hobby is mashing up dried dog shit But I'm out-voted and Gilberto has the car. I ask: can you please post God's phone so I can call directly next time a plane flies ghau a building? I'll take the ass any day.

In one hand is a beer from my -peso-a-bucket special. Makes me want to erupt. Ingrid s our crew for the night. Breasts like twin Mount Fujis.

We're off to Aqua Prieta, his hometown. Tell 'em it's special.

She slides right in front of Ingrid and reaches down. No matter if it's frontwards or backwards.

So, what did they do? Igrid, with her blonde hair, thin body, and gringa good looks, stands out like a beard at a lesbian bar She and Barichu hit it off pretty well.

Stuart Bowen is the special inspector general for Iraq reconstruction. I say they missed the important question: Is he white? Looking at the men in the audience, I can see sympathetic tongue movements on each of them. It's a hole in the ground.

Diary: mexico nine: twin peaks at a strip bar

Last year, the Pentagon announced that it guaau met all of its annual recruiting goals for the first time in 35 years. Isaiah It's true! Bowen says billions of dollars were shrink-wrapped in plastic and flown out of the US to Baghdad. Walmarcito, Burger Queen, the volcano at the end of the street.

I reach between my legs to make myself more comfortable. When he went after the cops waving a plastic gun, they broke his nose.

Hath he not sent me to the men that sit upon the wall, that they may eat their own dung, and drink their own piss with you? We got to like each other. So it's to Grand Canyon we go.

Walking around after their set, putting their hands on your thigh, asking if you want a private dance.