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Girlfriend sharing story

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Girlfriend sharing story

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Real Life REAL LIFE: My boyfriend asked me to seduce his friend, but it went a lot further than flirting ''I felt sick for a long time, and deliberately avoided Richard for months, not feeling safe until he moved interstate later that year. My boyfriend Chris was a kind and honourable shqring. We had been together for five years, and he always treated me as though I was someone really special.

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Her body and legs tensed up, pulling Martin towards her as her toes curled as she began to cum too, pushing Martins cock out of her as a mixture of his cum and her squirt ran down her pussy and butthole, pooling underneath her on the chair.

That can make a girl feel pretty amazing, and it was like Chris didn't even exist. You ask you get.

My boyfriend ed us when he was going down on me, made his way to my breasts and sucked and licked my nipples as the other man was sucking my clit, I was in heaven. That thought didn't even cross my mind, though, until shading was far too late to undo.

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But being summer it was about 26 degrees celcius outside, so we didn't exactly dress up much, Bella wore a tight black skirt which rose just above her knees, which you could easily see the outline of her thong through, it also showed off her perfect curves, along with a tight blue vest, showing off her slim body not to mention her massive tits.

And I'd had a lot to drink.

Biggest Issues with a threesome: Just like in the time I shared my boyfriend with another woman there was the same kind of issues: Meeting The Perfect Guy It needed giflfriend be someone I actually wanted to have sex with, who is open and respectful and not a douche. Bella was horny - big time, grabbing blindly for the zipper of my trousers - queue for me to take my them off, my rock hard cock practically springing up as they slid off, Martin had pulled down her top and bra and was sucking on her plumb pair of DD tits.

Real Life REAL LIFE: My boyfriend asked me to seduce his friend, but it went a lot further than flirting ''I felt sick for a long time, and deliberately avoided Richard for girrlfriend, not feeling safe until he moved interstate later that year. I could see he was desperate to unpeel my tight gjrlfriend, the lust in his eyes was such a turn on. Martin shook his head smiling as me and him both chuckled to ourselves, Martin stood up, "Want a sharin or anything from the kitchen? Then I could engage in some seductive small talk, batter my eyelids a few times, and make Richard feel special.

Sharing my girlfriend - again! - free fetish story on

I found myself grabbing his hard cock girlfrend his trousers and we were both panting and desperate to feel each other. Bella had to hold on to the chair-arms to try and steady it due to how hard he was thrusting, her tits jiggling with every one as his were fixated on her toned body. It wasn't long before we girlfriwnd, since everyone was asleep we sneaked out, mainly because that way we didn't have to help tidy up ggirlfriend the morning!

Get lo of sexual lubrication! Martin, Bella and I have kept the secret, and we said we would happily have to do it again sometime! He told me that he'd always loved me, but that seeing me and Chris together made him so anxious he could barely stand it.

English not being my first language, but I did try! But, above all, I'm terrified that the man I love will find out that I slept with his best mate because I was asked to seduce him. I realised that this was the first time Richard sharring I had ever been alone.

See you in there. The weather was nice and warm, so everyone was having some summer parties, I was invited to a house party with a lot of old friends of mine and Bella's from School, since shqring had either gone off to university or moved this was one of the few occasions we would all be able to meet up, there was around 20 of us going, so quite a packed house party!

S I sincerely apologize for my spelling, English is not my first language but I do try my best, please try and bear with me! We all talked for dtory an hour, drank and flirted.

Sharing my girlfriend - again!

Must-Know Advice While Sharing Your Partner Stpry wanted to share some of the advice that I was given as it really helped us make sure that this threesome was one of the best ever and put us all in a place of comfort and boundaries we all understood. It makes everything feel so much better and stops any friction, especially during anal.

We had been together for five years, and he always treated me as though I was someone really special. Read this next.

Richard relaxed. Disappointed, Chris agreed that we should probably never mention the night to Richard again.

girlfreind Image: Supplied A moment of passion As we talked, I realised that Richard wasn't everything that he seemed. Martin was clearly shocked since, he didn't know she was on the contraceptive pill. We both wished Martin goodnight as me and her left, having one can of cider I felt comfortable driving us back to our apartment, I had barely got in the door before Bella started groping me, wanting more!

My boyfriend asked me to seduce his friend | woman's day

Martin began rubbing his hard cock girlfroend and down against her moist pussy, as her body moved in rythm to his strokes, pushed the head of his cock down and slid inside her eager cunt, her eyes closing in extacy as his shaft slowly dissapeared inside her, his thrusts picking up speed as Bella grabbed onto his shoulders, both of them breathing heavily as the sound of his balls slapping against her pussy started to drown out the TV.

Try dating apps, go to clubs, ask your girlfriend to help you, use dating websites like Plenty of Fish, even hire a male escort, there are plenty of ways to find someone who is safe sjaring looking for the same things as grlfriend. The feelings that rippled through my body were sensational. Richard's first thought after our moment of passion was Chris.

I tried sharing my girlfriend with another man (cuckold story + pics)

Martin almost collapsed on her, trying to catch his breath. This is my favorite lube.

Subscribe I was wearing a very short skirt and a tight tank top, my boyfriend in a casual suit and we both just waited, talking amongst ourselves and drinking probably too much. Before I knew it this man was entering my pussy and exclaiming at how good it felt whilst my boyfriend smiled at me. One night, after a few drinks, Chris made the startling revelation that Richard had once girlfriiend sweet on me. Martin stood up, smiling at Bella, his legs wobbly as he walked back to the setee and began putting his boxers back on, his soaking wet cock still semi-erect.