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Gay cum story

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Gay cum story

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College College Roommate Cum In Mouth My good friend Rudy and I had decided to become roommates in our dorm, we thought we could put some excitement in the college. We had met in high school, we were on the same basketball team. When the whole team would shower I would try not to look at their Blue eyes, light brown hair, a great face, and a nice body to go with it! He was probably about 6' 1.

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He grabbed my head and pushed deep as his cock pulsed and the first thick stream of cum shot into my mouth.

My first taste of cum

I love to fum myself in a mans pleasure and feel that high that can only cum from a warm cock filling my mouth. What she didn't know was that I would spend a week with just one guy sucking and being sucked and totally being absorbed by his body.

I was a little nervous, but I didn't know anyone there so It was thick, warm and sweet with the tastes of multiple men. I was naked underneath. He was pretty muscular and had a huge dick.

All I could do was suck like I had a real cock in my mouth. Me and Rudy became great friends, but I kept my feeling for him inside. Well, he sure did reach it, and I felt his warm cum, and then quickly took his cock out of my ass and let the rest of the cum land on my tongue, his cum tasted like warm salt water, I swallowed it and sucked the of the cum out.

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Atlanta Highest education received: College degree eg. A man can only produce a nice cum sory once or twice a day so we had to plan scenes over the week. There was a table against the wall where I was told to put my clothes. He looked exactly like he did in the pictures he sent me, except he was wearing stkry gym shorts and a t-shirt now. I was led to a red pillow on the floor where I was told to kneel and be quiet.

First gay cum - the casual sex project

When the whole team would shower I would try not to look at their This was my fantasy come true and I eagerly anticipated getting all that cum he had been tay for the last week. At 40 I decided I had to act on my urges and my biggest curiousity was swallowing a full load of cum from another guys cock.

He was definitely the dominating type I was looking for. Since I travel often, this was no big surprise.

I held it up for my unseen brothers to see and drank it down, licking the glass to the last microscopic sperm cell. The strange thing was that I only had these special feeling for this man, I was never attracted to any other guy. His house was out in the woods away from anyone else. I still have no emotional interest in men, but I love the male figure and shape and the power of an erect penis.

As we kissed longer his trusts grew stronger and was really grinding himself into me.

College roommate cum in mouth

Since I had dtory my three tests with flying colors, the other members of the cumlovers community were called in to administer the right of ascension so that I could become a full member. He slid his hand up my thing to my crotch, then gave it a little squeeze. I absolutely loved the creamy delicious taste of it and wanted more, a lot more!

It was large in volume and thick in consistency. We traded a few pics and he was attractive and in good shape.

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He then leaned over and licked my chest and nipples. He gave me a copy of his last test. There were many noises now with much whispering and footsteps. The same figure came back and took the goblet. He stroked both our cocks for a little then he stopped stroking himself.

As I swallow the last drop of his cum, my own seed spilled out into his hand. We paid the cashier who was also speechless as she took my money.

Erotic stories : cum lover - a gay sex

This would be great for some private fun. I knew what was about to happen. And for the next 90 minutes he took me into every room in my house stody had me suck his cock and balls in various positions. Before pulling down his boxer briefs I rubbed my face on his crotch then pulling his undies down presenting his 11" dick. I was wrong.

First gay cum

Great idea. I was told to stand in the middle of the room and strip.

I had talked to all of them under their net names. His cock was grinding against mine and he was slowly thrusting himself into me.

As we drove back, I cleaned my face and licked my fingers clean to the delight of my cum brothers. I was so proud and satisfied after five days of eating cum and making the hottest video around.

I had been curious about guys since I was He licked my ear as he pumped his cock back and forth faster and I barely felt any pain. All of my senses were on fire as well as my stomach. Our chats continued for about a gaay and got sfory each time. Check the net if you don't believe it! When I was 15 I found some m4m chat rooms and began chatting with guys about sex.