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Friends little sister sex story

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Friends little sister sex story

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My best friend Stan has an year-old sister named Brooke. Brooke now goes to the same high school I graduated from in Since she was about 11 she has had a sort of a crush on me. Littel first, I use to tease her about it; however, when she turned about 16 she really began to fill out.

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Jakes sister, Kaitlyn, was the only redhead in his family. She laughed and told me that we ffiends reel you in like a weak little puppy dog.

I finally felt it give way, letting my cock plunge all the way in. She was extremely tight, and squirmed as I pushed in deeper. I stroked my cock, but it was already hard as rock.

About 6 inches glided in easily, but I still had at least two inches to go. She already knew that though so I watched Netflix while she blew. My balls slapped up against her satiny buttcheeks as all 8. Her pussy could not hold all my cum because it began to seep out while she still road sisetr shaft slowly.

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Brooke stood a couple of inches in front of me, while Terri was a couple behind. She was giggling. Terri pulled down her ligtle shorts to expose her very tight small ass in a near thong-bathing suit. But all I did was give her a box of tissues and ask her what the matter was. At first she stayed very still, not responding, and I thought "Uh oh, you idiot, now she'll be really pissed off at me.

I gave my cock a brief preliminary rub, and then put it back into her asshole, causing Kaitlyn to pitch forward. I tried to pretend that i was a sleep but she knew i was awake then she said "what is that? Suddenly, I could feel the warmth of a tongue being wrapped around my shaft. I stood up and walked over to her. Now I know what I wanted. She laid face down while I got a towel to clean her up.

My sister's best friend

I covered my lap with a pillow. Tears were running down her cheeks as total euphoria began to take her over.

But my hormones outweighed my own worries and I drove my dick all the way in with a powerful thrust. She stroked it with light fingers and then held it more firmly. Once the pain goes away, itll be easier, I said. She responded by angling her ass toward me and quickly rubbing it with her fingers, sliding her middle finger in, and then licking it off.

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When the slid down her long legs she is a little tall at 5'8" to her feet she kicked her leg and they flew onto my couch. Stiry, what she did surprised me. Her friehds muscles tightened and she rubbed her pussy even more. You ready, baby? Terri was not about to waste this. She tried to say something but couldn't talk. She swore she kept it between us and she began rubbing me though my shorts.

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The whole episode probably lasted only five minutes, from the first frantic groping in sistee living room till the final rushed climax on the bed. Leanna never seen.

They thought they might get something, but we just took their money and left them with hard-ons. I had been living with them for over a year and developed a good relationship with the mother and sister 16 or 17 by this point. Im telling Jake, Kaitlyn said demurely. I was a little disappointed with the show ending so soon. I could feel the muscles tremor, then release as she let out cries of bliss.

I watched as my mother drove away and I knocked on the door. My hand in her cunt felt very wet, though as far as I could tell my fingers had stayed around her clit and not really entered her vagina. The first knock and the door opened, Leanna must of been waiting for me, she gave me a big hug and a kiss on the cheek, welcoming me in. It was Terri. Then my finger found her clitoris, which was easy to do because it was hard and swollen.

I felt like company, and I did like talking with her, so I said she could stay for a while.

Intense anal with friends little sister

That was quite a day. I was sitting on my best friends little sisters love seat with my cock in her mouth.

She had everything, rap, punk, metal, classic rock. I was in shook because they hung out all the time and he got one everytime! She pulled her cheeks apart, and I pivoted my cock to get an even better angle.

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I never had an — orgasm — like that. Jake and I always had a pretty lax relationship.

The more I squeezed her, the deeper shed thrust her tongue into my mouth. I hesitated. She only said thank you on the way out and I laughed in response saying "no problem" lol.