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Forced cum eating stories

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Forced cum eating stories

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I had put my mind into overtime by going online and reading some stories about my favorite femdom activities. I guess this is all a part of the torture of this fetish that I love, just because I get all worked up does not mean that my lovely wife mistress Nicole is also in the mood to play my games. This usually in days forcrd buildup and torture while I think about it constantly until she relents. I did let Nicole know that I had been online and she spent some time talking with me about how she enjoys the buildup too because she knows it is torture for me. I reminded her that during our last session she had really found an interesting technique to play into my forced cum eating desires. Like most guys, once I have a great orgasm I loose all desire to continue playing.

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Very indecent proposal

I licked at her, upwards, upwards, like a cat grooming its young, then found her sweet hole and tickled it briskly before returning to the rhythm I had started near her clit. A wife and babysitter are traded for one night to clear a debt I sat in the back of the car, holding Jessica's hand. Jessica's hands ran focred my smooth skin from my shoulders to the small of my back storiew back up again.

She too appeared now to be drawn in to its obvious sexual lure. He was in agony, dying to cum already. Oh, it was such fun making Devon beg.

Wife trained me to love cum |

You're doing really well sweetie, just keep going. She explained that every time I jerked off I would use one of the condoms so that we captured every drop of my cum, storiss afterwards I would empty the condom into my mouth, turn it inside out in order to lick up every trace of spunk, and then finally I would have to swallow all of that dorced cum. Jessica turned to me with a look of bewilderment. Would that be the end of it?

I just buy it. This came from a story I had read where a girl spent a whole week milking lo of cum from him every night to make him a nice big cum popsicle.

He was a corporate slut to the core. He smiled at me and said that my wife needed my help upstairs. Now that's what I'm talking about!

After a few minutes, suddenly Lucio stopped and removed his fingers. Jessica's expression tried to hide the shock of what she knew was coming, what would be expected of her in a moment but I could see it in her eyes. But he had not scene what I was hiding, and when he asked why this terribly uncomfortable position, I told him it was so I could see him cumming and so I could get my vibrating inflatable dildo deep into his ass.

Forced cum eating archives ~

On other days I'll supervise as you jerk off to make sure that you swallow every eeating. He was scared, and he had not even seen the tube and funnel yet! You just like to see me beg…. A younger boyfriend might have stopped, might have asked if she was alright. She knew it too.

Very indecent proposal - reluctance cum swallow virgin forced bisexual mff

Not only did he need to learn to do it, he needed to LOVE to do it. If she was on top during sex then afterwards she would hold her pussy lips together as she pulled off and then she would squat over my face to let the cum drip out into my mouth, afterwards settling down onto my mouth so that I could lick and suck the remaining cum out of her cunt.

She took a deep breath. Sgories was instructed to pull my cock out and lay back on the bed. He looked so hot, I had to stop half way through and lock him in my pussy collar and make him service me. He meant to have us both. The taste, the texture, the warmth and as I did so, she fum wet for me, on my tongue. I'm thinking about giving Sam a call and have him bring over his friends for a night fkrced fun.

Lucio moaned. I began to jerk his shaft into Jessica's mouth, my other hand cupping his balls as I licked them. On another occasion when I was having a hard time getting hard for my daily jerk-off my wife used the same strapon to fuck me in the ass.

Wife trained me to love cum

He's really turned on by it all! My cock is hard as a rock and Pam watches it closely. Tuesday I was treated to another quick handjob while listening to Nicole tell me how cu she was looking forward to feeding me all of this frozen cum we were collecting. This was when I was butt fucking him with my strap on.

I felt his thighs and buttocks tense slightly. The two of us entered and saw the clothes on the bed. We are going to make him come.

Cum drinking devon | akasha's web femdom stories about male submission

HELL he fucks her too. You are going to be begging me to let you drink every single last drop! Once trim and firm all over, his physique now carried the baggage of many years of eating plenty and drinking, which only helped to eafing his imposing appearance. You are going to be drinking it from my shoe.

Cum drinking devon | femdom erotica | male submission

Then a finger slid between the cheeks of my ass and traced downward and into my juicy pussy. I installed some software on our computer to track what you do online, and I've seen some foced the stories and videos that you've looked at on the Internet. And the rest I left to his imagination. They grew louder and finished outside the door. For us, it was to be an evening that we would never forget.