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Flex baths los angeles

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Flex baths los angeles

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Due to these ongoing permitting matters, some temporary restrictions are in place.

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Revolting, bad and truly seedy! Still love you guys no matter what. Advocates for the closure said the bathhouses were places gay men met to have unprotected sex with strangers. I'm not allowed to bring in a bag I never have a problem getting laid.

Bathhouses where gay men met to have sex have existed in the United States since at least the s. Absolutely love Flex, the boys are mostly a hot crowd, as for the staff I have a lot of love for each of them. I only have one problem here It is unclear why the City of Los Angeles closed Flex.

Flex, the la gay bathhouse, has re-opened - wehoville

Dirty, drugs, old Flex is part of a chain established by Charles Fleck of Cleveland. Since a place is a bath House it's gotta be rudely kept and managed as it indeed was while nobody would even put a tweet on their current twitter or website to save the lis and lame clientele left, an useful trip to a parking lot that has been saying the business is no more flez 10 days now, while cars keep on patrolling the area, wondering what happened, before turning around to yet another place or back home?

Loves it The spot to get what you need. And it doesn't look good!

Flex, the la gay bathhouse, has re-opened

Peter Sykes, owner of Hollywood Spa, said traffic at his bathhouse had declined. I wish management would have the time to help me out with this.

It's rude and truly annoying nobody has taken at least the common courtesy to put something on the web: we still live in such an hypocrite society? He attributed that in part to a cultural change, which he said is having an impact on gay bathhouses across the country.

No one is answering calls at the Flex Los Angeles location. A movement to close them began ajgeles the late s during the height of the AIDS epidemic.

Flex baths melrose ave los angeles, ca entertainers adult - mapquest

Not even a phone recording? Due to these ongoing permitting matters, some temporary restrictions are in place. He also insisted that his spas distribute free condoms. Great place angwles go if you can't drive home to OC.

Flexspas - los angeles

Sunday afternoon is the most popular day, especially when it is hot. Opponents said the bathhouses were the perfect venue for educating gay men about the consequences of unprotected sex and were an important gathering place in a city where many were hostile to gay people.

Nothing special but nothing bad. Never again.