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What I want to talk about today is why women flake, and hopefully give you some additional insight into the psychology behind this phenomenon, so giel you can avoid it, or nip it in the bud more effectively and not have to deal with it so much. Many men believe that the best and the simplest way to get girls is by taking phone s and set up a meet. Such a strategy does work indeed, but frankly it has a lots of cons and it is far from efficient. I will here cover the different reasons for why that is the case.

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However, keep in mind that luck remains a crucial factor, as what defines the outcome of phone game is grounded on a bunch of small coincidences she might have eaten something bad yesterday and feels like hell right now.

He knows the secret to attracting and picking up women for sex and relationships, which has allowed him to enjoy his choice of women for many gil. Making her feel way more valuable flak him If a woman feels like she is way better than the guy trying to pick her up, she is going to lose interest, reject him or flake on him when he tries to get her out on a date.

Like for example: Waiting before answering her texts Give her the equal amount of attention as she is giving to you If has gkrl flaking before or you feel that will most likely flake, then YOU flake on the next meeting before she has a chance to do it. Send one text the morning or afternoon before the date.

You just flwky to use the in-between time wisely and have a plan. If a girl flakes on you, chances are she received a better offer elsewhere. Be More Interesting — Make your lifestyle so incredibly fun, interesting and intriguing that she cannot help but to keep her plans with you. They will seem sincere when they make a promise.

Why women flake: the 5 things you can’t control

If you start feeling that a woman is playing hard to get with you, I simply recommend you to play the game back in return. Furthermore, women also fear rejection a lot more than men. If a woman is pretty, all she needs to do is load up Tinder, use gitl dating or go to a nightclub and there will an endless amount of guys who want to have sex with her. Now if we think about it, this means that you are currently chasing her.

Flaky girl texting: text-by-text case study | the power moves

What went wrong? I put a crying smiley. No-one ever told me that women select guys based on how much sexual attraction they feel and THEN, anything else that is good about the guy is a bonus.

However, in many other cases, there might not be anything wrong with the mans actions, but the flakes still take place as a result of multiple coincidences on the female side. If a woman sees any boyfriend potential in you i.

Why are women so flaky?

Discover why a woman might flake out on a date and what to do when it happens. I propose a date and she denies it without proposing another date.

Gril, the fact that you are not there with her can have a huge impact on her mood. In the human mating dance, the process is the same.

The fact is, girls flaly unpredictable, and things do happen that prevent people from keeping their plans. Women want to feel like they are trading up in the dating scene, not trading down. You are about to discover my personal secret for success with women. Pin0 3shares Learning how to deal with flaky girls can be beneficial in maximizing your girll success with women. This means that she is getting more from you than you are getting from her.

Why women flake: the 5 things you can’t control | girls chase

Sounds like a familiar story right? You may have said something that made her second guess your intentions or your personality, or she may have found an old photo of you on Facebook from college where you passed out half-naked on the quad delete those, by the way! Usually, this type of white lie is often extremely unusual, heartbreaking and sympathy-generating. For this, I usually have other potential dates lined up in the early stages of hirl relationship — especially if the relationship is yet to be committal.

This is why women at times can often come across as very attention seeking.

Andy is flaky. When a woman meets a guy like that, she stops being flaky and opens herself up to be seduced into having sex. gir

It's not you, it's literally her: how to handle a flaky girl

Usually, flaky girls do reply to the first texts because they enjoy that push-pull dynamic going on, and push-pull starts with a pull. In her response she told me that she was busy with her family on Tuesday but that she might has time during the evening.

She is probably out, a little drunk, having fun with her friends and dancing. It should be pointed out that I not saying that you should stop taking s, but that you should maybe think twice before playing such a game. Women know that by sending mixed als they can make men chase them.

For all you know, her mood might have changed again — this time to something in your favor. Women expect us men to know how to attract them and to have the confidence to move things from one step to the next i.