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Dui on scissor lift

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Dui on scissor lift

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Ljft Valencia Pa. Posts: 6, When I was 18I shared a house with 4 guys, we all worked together. It was basically a party house.

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We took another buddies truckand went down to get him and the tractor. Location: Valencia Pa.

Lol: steve’s drunk and high dui at work (arrested on scissor lift) full video

Construction worker? Get an experienced DUI attorney on your side immediately. The fuzz were laughing scissoor azzes off at him, he was wearing ski goggles, and all bundled up, scarf, hat etc. Knock a few back on your lunch break?

A Lawnmower Again? Share this post to social media It was basically a party house.

This has to be by far the single funniest traffic stop I have ever seen. My buddy wanted me to drive him to the store to get smokes, and I was way too drunk, plus I was working on a betty.

Posts: 6, When I was 18I shared a house with 4 guys, we all worked together. After badgering me for half an hour, he got pissed, and got all suited up this was in December, freezing cold He jumps on the lawn tractorand he into town about 5 miles away on a 50 mph road, to get smokes, The phone rings 30 minutes later, and it is the police, they say if someone cannot come get my buddy, he is going to jail.

What about a tractor hauling a comfy couch with beer kegs? Step, sccissor People often ask if you can get a DUI on a lawnmower — well, Steve can.

My best buddy at the time, was a serious drunk. One Saturday night, we all had been partying.

Driving a vehicle, especially at high speeds, while impaired is not only extremely serious but also very dangerous for not only yourself but also other pedestrians on the road. Lets be clear, driving under the influence of alcohol is no laughing matter. That being said when I came across this video of a man getting pulled over by the police while driving a scissor lift down the road while sitting on a case of beer, I couldn't contain my laughter.

We know that a single DUI conviction can have lifelong consequences — the good news is that you may have defenses that will allow us to get your DUI ticket dismissed, scisor to a traffic violation, or acquitted at trial. This happened before the dui craze, if this would have happened today, I am sure he would have got a dui. He did make it to the store, and got his smokes though.