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Cool things to do when your high

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Cool things to do when your high

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Not really, but it is a nice activity to do right after blazing up.

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Hold Your Smoke For hold your smoke to work best, you need a fairly sizable group of people.

17 of the best things to do while stoned or high

What do I like od what I see? So go on, spark up, and have fun! It's probably a good idea to be at a low dose so you can just loosen up. Though you may imagine this ending with me eating until I'm sick, that actually isn't what happens for me — in fact, often, by honoring how much food I want and my desires, I'm more likely to end up eating the amount that's right for me and my body. Yes, your BFF will love your new matching toe rings.

Are they secretly aliens?

Fun things to do while you're high - urban outfitters - blog

How high are you? Take it a little further than you normally do and eat something good. Many people picture the average weed smoker as a guy in his underwear, sitting on the couch, watching TV in a daze. I just try to be honest about my desires — and follow them.

9 interesting things to do stoned that might help you get to know yourself better

Make a bunch of Snapchats Snapchat is the best because you can't go back and edit or delete all of the stupid things you say. Egg art All you need is a Sharpie and a carton of eggs to get started. While I also love to do this for exercise and a dose of self-love while sober, I've found that dancing alone high makes things next-level fun.

I might have a harder time coming, or an easier time. For some, the right amount of bud can put them in the zone.

Today hlgh pretty hip to play Dungeons and Dragons or other role-playing games, and it's not uncommon to see members of the party loading a bowl or having a beer during the game. In fact, some of the activities on this list — like watching a movie and listening to music — can be gamified so you can kill two birds with one stone. And who knows, maybe 24 will lead to 11 as all things really should.

The top 40 fun things to do while high |

I like to let my mind wander as I watch, and I know that I feel less self-conscious sitting alone when I have someone besides the bartender to place my attention on. But good luck choosing a banker. Twister A little bit of pot ykur make Twister feel a whole lot less awkward.

Writing- Weed can help with writer's block. YouTube trawling This goes without saying, but smoking weed and YouTube sessions go together like, well like weed and YouTube.

The best things to do while stoned

I think of this as my chance to pamper myself, and lather up or shave slowly. Walk along the beach, cycle through a park, or let your internal navigator get you completely lost.

What should you do while you're high? Metaphorically speaking, of course.

Listen to really trippy music I mean, duh. Kind of. Being stoned is the perfect excuse to go totally awol on your face and make yourself look just as fabulous as the people you see on TV Mimi, Ru Paul, Lord Disick.

Plus, hair always grows back hair grows even after you're dead! One of my favorite activities to do alonestoned or otherwise, is to go see live jazz. dp

This works best if you have roommates, so they can come home and discover your hilarity for weeks on end! Plug in some headphones, take a stroll around the neighborhood, or just walk thingz few circles around your block.

9 fun things to do stoned to get to know yourself

A really, long, drawn out movie where you're not sure how it began or yuor it's going to end. But a conversation that goes all around the world can be fun and therapeutic. You can't shop 'til you drop if you're already sitting down. Just make sure to read the rules before lighting up.

20 best things to do while you’re high

I find that while high I prefer nonfiction to fiction. Scroll through your favorite streaming service, pick a show — any show — press play, and off you go. I mean, just look how good Shannon Coffey 's makeover turned out. But it's also really fun, and in my experience, it has helped me cultivate lots of body positivity. Board games- Traditional games like Clue or Scrabble can take on a new light when with the aid of weed.