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Chiang mai nightlife

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Chiang mai nightlife

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Was I ever wrong! On my first night out in Chiang Mai, I met up with a friend I made on the bus from Bangkok and we found ourselves drinking watery mango mojitos in a farang-filled bar in the old city. Not very exciting.

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Zoe in Yellow is in the well-known area of Old City, with indoor and outdoor areas.

Top nightlife in chiang mai, thailand

The entire property and experience are deed with the guest in mind. The music is mostly Thai pop, sometimes acoustic versions of Thai and international songs by local artists. Like Phuket, Bangkok and the chiabg of Thailand, in fact, Chiang Mai has its fair nightlice of pretty ladyboys, and cabaret shows are the best places to spot the prettiest and most talented of them all. One for dancing, one to listen to live music, and also one to enjoy the garden.

The best nightlife in chiang mai - tripadvisor

Look for the open-air building and street vendors. Some of the musicians who play here have worked with and gotten highly influenced by American Jazz legend Sun Ra — and it shows. The go-to place for everyone who wants a Kohpangan-esque party experience in Chiang Mai. It is therefore truly the ultimate exotic travel destination.

Chiang mai nightlife

Old TV sets, collectibles and coke bottles from the olden days make the atmosphere cozy and warm. If you want to experience the best of Chiang Mai nightlife, here are four great places to try: Monkey Club — trendy place in Nimmanhaeman that feels like a posh restaurant in a resort town in California. But, as wild as Thailand is, Chiang Mai offers a few exclusive luxury resorts that can consequently elevate your experience to the next level.

The bands are frequently quite large with six or more musicians, including horns, and they are always immaculately dressed. It is a true Thai nightclub, with local bands playing Thai pop music and bottles upon bottles of whiskey. Going out for a drink If you just want to end your day with a drink, Chiang Mai has a wide variety of different venues to offer.

Was I ever wrong! I can see why so many expats decide to live there!

Irish Pub on Ratvithi Rd open is laid-back, has good pub food and occasional open-mic nights. Seriously, they know how to party in Chiang Mai! CU Corner A local favorite! An entire warehouse dedicated to adult nightlife, definitely not a place to bring your family.

Chiang mai nightlife: a complete guide

However, it still frequently hosts local Thai bands, regardless of it trendy laser light show. Pricey baht cover, but it includes a few drinks.

It is therefore a must nightlief in Chiang Mai nightlife for live jazz lovers. Send Me Updates. A few days later, Unbrave Girl and I were sitting down to our sworn final drink of the night when we were given red roses and a bottle of whiskey by three Thai guys, then taken to the VIP section of a club for dancing. Fabrique — hot after-hours club with both live music and a DJ.

Two to be covered in terms of perfect night spots are bars and nightclubs. Address: Soi Hussadhisawee 8 Beer Republic Everyone loves a good beer and even if you are in Thailand, you are not limited only to the local brews. The interior is kept very basic and the overall white walls give it a very sterile look, that is reminiscent of an art gallery. But Nimmanhaeman? Unsubscribe anytime! Later at night, when the music changes to Electronic Dance Music, people start hitting the dance floor. The Northgate Jazz Bar is almost always packed with people standing on the sidewalk or even the street to listen in to the best musicians in Chiang Mai working their magic.

10 best nightlife in chiang mai - most popular nightlife in chiang mai

It also is located on a quiet street, allowing for a break from the buzz of the city. Not very exciting.

Rate This Place: Rated. Closed to car traffic after midday, the Walking Streets are the best places to see and experience Chiang Mai in its own skin. Come here for the gorgeous views, and stay for the delicious drinks! Address: Nimmanahaeminda Rd. It is also ranked nightliife in Asia. As it does in many other Asian countries, cheese rules in Thailand.

The styles and atmospheres available are extremely varied, going chaing high-end cocktail bars to rough-and-ready backpacker haunts.

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This luxury resort is a 5-star luxury accommodation that is also offered as all-inclusivewith customizable features. Explore the fancy Nimmanahaeminda Road for upper-range bars that serve cocktails and expensive, imported beers or take a stroll around the east side of the Old City for bars that mostly cater the backpacking crowd. All kinds of vendors and crafts fill the entire stretch.

Find out more Going out for party Dance clubs mi a very nihhtlife thing to find in Chiang Mai because of the enforced closing times at midnight. Unlike the mountaintop, they also offer refreshing cocktails and delightful dining, too.

Nightlife in chiang mai: the best bars and clubs

Having Shazam installed on your phone will be very helpful to track the great tunes that are being played here. Nightlife inside the Old City wall has a more subdued vibe to it than the Riverside or the Night Bazaar, but still has potential for meeting people and the promise of live music. Check out their Facebook to find out more. This is a bit of a trendy neighborhood filled with tons of great restaurants, bars and cafes.

Consequently the city captures the heart of Thailand. Hotels in can be found here.

If you find yourself in the city and want to go out for a beer or two, this guide will help you to make nightlife in Chiang Mai worthwhile for you. While there are a few bars that have kept doing this for a longer time, the list of after nightlifr places changes quite frequently. The music starts off with changing live bands, that play both Thai and international pop music.