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Can a relationship work if youre not physically attracted

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Can a relationship work if youre not physically attracted

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There are obviously two schools of thought as to whether you can love someone and not be sexually attracted to them. Some will say that yes, it is absolutely possible to love someone in a romantic way, without being sexually attracted to them. However, to some that sounds like a total impossibility and those will be the opinions of those that need that much needed spark or physical chemistry with.

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Before pointing fingers, think about any role you may have played in the loss of attraction.

Is it ok to date someone you're not attracted to?

It is possible though, especially if you are one of those people who do not need sex to be an intrinsic and integral part of their partnership. At the same time, I also realised I would be happier alone than with someone who made me feel nauseous. The problem is that when we compare people side by side, great catches often lose out. They are engaged and will be married in a few months.

What to do if you're no longer feeling attracted to your partner

This means that both sides of the relationship once had something like chemistry or an attraction between them and sex once was part of their love life. Problems will arise though when the need between two people are markedly different. To them, a relationship is not a serious or loving one without sexual attraction and the need to physically be with someone that you love. First, ask yourself if he — or another man — could dissect YOU physically as well.

Yet, many of us still give the idea of a "spark" aka instant attraction a powerful place in our dating lives.

I am not physically attracted to my boyfriend. can we possibly have a future together?

I am torn. While others may be able to cope without any physical chemistry between themselves and phyysically partner, you may well absolutely have to have it. Consider that the shift may have little to do with your partner. It all comes down to your own internal compromise mechanism.

Thanks you so much for your help. Spark is the whole reason that we can make snap-judgements on dating apps like Tinder. As we got chatting, my girlfriend walked past me and lifted a quizzical eyebrow.

He replied that it was okay and he would wait till whenever I was ready. He was a good kisser, but I felt nothing. I would have felt guilty turning him down based on his looks. To a person that must absolutely have a sexual spark in a relationship, they would argue that what is the difference between a relationship that you have with any other person, if you say you are in love with someone that you are not physically attracted to.

He was the perfect gentleman. Have the courage to let you and your partner find the true happiness that you both deserve.

Has life circumstances edited your time and sexual time spent together? He loved me unconditionally and adored everything about me, flaws and all. To others it may be something that they can understand but not ever actually see themselves able to do. According to Relationship Rulespsychology suggests physical attraction might be more crucial than intelligence and humour. It dork sense to let the guy put in more effort and have deeper feelings physicqlly me.

It rarely does.

At least attractev the former, you have some form of control over it. Have you had a relationship before with someone you were not physically attracted to?

This is both understandable and normal - to some a spark comes from being on a level with them intellectually, to others it needs to be on a physical level. Most people don't phyxically in love upon looking at someone lust, however, is a different story. It felt reassuring to know I would never be hurt again.

What to do if you're not sexually attracted to your partner

When he asked her out the first time, she didn't think anything of it. He was kind, generous and patient.

The guys were funny, kind, sometimes generically handsome. The reason being is that love can grow between two people - especially those that are friends first - where sex or spark was never initially needed.

I am not physically attracted to my boyfriend. can we possibly have a future together?

Make an appointment with a couples counselor sooner rather than later. Mixmike via Getty Images Therapists reveal the common cann of a dip in physical, emotional or sexual attraction sork a marriage or relationship. Instead, I felt the opposite. Which would seem to indicate that you should break up with your boyfriend.

How about emotionally? Anything less is a recipe for wandering eyes and future infidelity. There are obviously two schools of thought as to whether you can love someone and not be sexually attracted to them.

So yes, it is possible to love without physical attraction, though some would argue that it may not be possible to remain in love without it for a long time. Instead, I was an angry, irritable partner who constantly criticised him.

What to do if there's no sexual attraction to your partner |

It was only after I caught myself checking relationxhip other guys, wishing I could date them, that I knew it was time to put things to an end. And yet we base our relationship decisions on evanescent emotions like lust, passion, and chemistry. Why go out with the year-old when you can try the year-old? Sadly, if you asking the very question can I fall in love with physifally without a physical attraction, the reality most probably is that as much as you want the relationship to work, you need sex or sexual attraction in a relationship to keep you interested or to make the relationship tick.

Dating someone you're not physically attracted to - style of laura jane

I agreed to a second date, which turned into a third, fourth and fifth one. Created with Sketch. Actually, I'm interested in this person.

So the spark was first initially there and that is how the idea of them being a couple was able to come about. I also heard through the grapevine that my ex has found someone else.