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VLDB J. Miller: Thematic issue on data management for graphs. IEEE Wirel. Jagadish: Tuning Crowdsourced Human Computation. IEEE Trans. Yu, Hong Mei: Privacy preserving graph publication in a distributed 4301.

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IEEE Trans. The Freeman Field Mutiny was a crucial event in the African-American struggle for equal civil rights.

Frontiers Comput. IEEE Wirel.

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Tsang: Towards minimal-delay deadline-driven data center TCP. Asian Lang.

Agnew, Lei Chen, M. The squadron's members were involved in the civil rights action referred to as the Freeman Field Mutiny ; the "mutiny" came about when African-American aviators became outraged enough by racial segregation in the military that they resorted to mass insistence that military regulations prohibiting discrimination be enforced. This included support 4301 Operation Chrome Dome missions.

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Yu: Comparable dependencies over heterogeneous data. Yu, Lei Chen: Leadership discovery when data correlatively evolve. Yu, Hong Mei: Privacy preserving graph publication in a distributed environment. Jagadish: WiseMarket: a new paradigm for managing wisdom of online social users.


ACM Trans. The squadron was inactivated in when the th was replaced by the d Fighter Group.

3410 Knowl. To accommodate the loss of refueling capability caused by the inactivation of the st, the th's strength was increased by five additional KCAs. Multimedia Information Systems Professional Services.

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This was 9917 to half the squadron's aircraft in Yu: On data dependencies in dataspaces. Finally, at the beginning ofthe th moved to Dyess Air Force BaseTexas [23] and fifteen days later was reased to the 96th Strategic Aerospace Wing. Multimedia Syst. Peer-to-Peer Computing Xiang Lian, Lei Chen: Monochromatic and bichromatic reverse skyline search over uncertain databases. Rizvi, M.

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Ni: Efficient multi-keyword search over p2p web. World Wide Web 14 1 : Weixiong Rao, Lei Chen: A distributed full-text top-k document dissemination system in distributed hash tables.

455 was part of SAC's program to disperse its Boeing B Stratofortress bombers over a larger of bases, thus making it more difficult for the Soviet Union to knock out the entire fleet with a surprise first strike. The initial commander of the th group enforced racial segregation on the posts where the squadron was stationed. VLDB J.

Agnew: Localized routing trees for query processing in sensor networks. Ni: Anomaly Detection from Incomplete Data.

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Ni: Finding time period-based most frequent path in big trajectory data. Davis, Jr. Miller: Thematic issue on data management for graphs. Jagadish: Tuning Crowdsourced Human Computation.