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Each frame has been converted to a common scale and has been deconvolved and enhanced. The WMV film begins with a presentation of the frames in the 5936 which they were taken. The next section presents the frames in order of solar elevation, beginning with local sunrise and ending with sunset. The third sequence is ordered by solar elevation and shows as area of about x meters, centered on the LM. The sequence shows changes in the appearance of the LM, terrain features, astronaut tracks, rocks, and deployed equipment under different lighting conditions. The sequence also shows bright objects well away from the LM which, because each persists over two or more consecutive images, are almost certainly pieces of Mylar blown off the descent stage during LM liftoff.

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Immediately to the right of the upper end of the 'Auto Optics' ellipse, Mike has drawn circle, probably around the 'tiny crater' at M.

If you are connected to a Wi-Fi access point or using a SIM card with mobile internet 671 good coverage, then the call quality will be good. The imaged area is centered at a longitude of At higher sun angles, an LRRR cover is visible about 3. Lunar Orbiter 61 cropped 84k Jim Scotti has provided a cropped version showing West Crater and the landing site.

The actual landing site is near J.

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Try it! Can I use AVO for free? A 3x detail shows the descent stage shadow overlapping Little West Crater.

Will I be able to send and receive text messages using AVO? Larson and was dated 11 August We can't find this country.

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What would happen with unused funds after the plan expire? Deconvolved, 1.

Football Soccer Comparison 2. Map LSE 2.

Apollo 11 image library

I have not been able to associate this circle with anything in the transcript or in Figure below from the Apollo 11 Mission Report. The determinations are sufficiently accurate, however, to provide a useful control net for an overall view of the astronauts' traverse and a starting point for more rigorous analytical photogrammetric measurements.

The named feature at the upper left is probably "Chuck Hole". The WMV film begins with a presentation of the frames in the order which they were taken. The third sequence is ordered by solar elevation and shows as area of about x meters, centered on the LM.

Owen Garriott gave Mike settings for Auto Optics operation of the sextant at ; and, atabout 35 minutes before Mike's next pass over the landing site, Bruce McCandless told him "We'd like you to let the Auto optics take care of the tracking and devote your energies to trying to pick out the LM visually on the lunar surface.

The solar panels face east and west and are oriented 20 degrees off vertical. The area is close to crater Moltke outside the field of view of this image in the Mare Tranquillitatis. Vaniman, and B. In the 0.

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Bruce McCandless gave him K. Cruickshank's result is very similar to the routes revealed by LROC images.

How much does a minute of incoming call cost in AVO? Thomas Schwagmeier has re-drafted a high-resolution k version.

Sextant Locations 1. Heiken, D. The longitude range is Don Wilhelms's book, To a Rocky Mooncontains a wealth of information about site selection.

Baseball Comparison 2. So far there is no text messaging capability for your regular mobile in AVO, but we are working on this. The location of the possible piece of mylar noted in the 01 October image is marked.

AtMike requested an estimated LM position for his pass over the landing site at Cat's Paw is above and slightly to the right of the landing site in this view. The latter includes the horizontal 'J' and 'K' lines and the vertical '7' and '8' lines.

Apollo 11 Planimetric Map 6. Traverse Map, Figure from the Apollo 11 Preliminary Science Report k This map shows tracks of footprints that can be identified from mission photographs, film, and TV.

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USGS Post-Flight Geology Map Composite 3359 The composite was constructed from high-resolution scans of the map kthe text at the lower left kthe central text and scale kthe text at the lower right kand the legend k. The footprint If you are a subscriber of one of the mobile carriers in marked countries, most probably incoming calls feature is working for you.

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