The Streets of Bangkok

I told a friend after my first visit to Bangkok several years ago “in Bangkok you can find anything you want”. Bangkok, literally in Thai “City of Angels” is home to twelve million people. Known for sex and medical tourism, devout Buddhist monks and temples, it is a photographers delight. The sheer numbers and diversity mean that anywhere you go there are countless photo opportunities.

If you walk the streets of Bangkok, anytime of day or night you will find an endless supply of subjects to photograph. It is a huge city, yet has some of the friendliest people you will find anywhere.  While there are large department stores, the majority of goods are sold by street vendors that line every busy street with booth after booth of every sort of product imaginable. There are bars and coffee shops with open air seating everywhere, ideal for siting and people watching or shooting. It is also hot. The natural heat of the country combined with untold metric tons of asphalt and concrete can take a toll. I usually shoot a few hours then find a nice cool coffee shop to rest my feet and trigger finger.

A word on Safety. Thailand has some of the friendliest people in the world, but there is also an underside, as with a large city. I have never had a problem in Bangkok, but I am well traveled, I know the danger signs, and I am very careful. If you shoot in Bangkok, have loads of fun, but please use common sense and take the time to become knowledgeable of the dangers, and heed the warnings.

Please enjoy the Bangkok slide show below or visit my website to view and share the images.

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