Rice Planting Season 2016

Siri, a Thai woman farmer, told me today there are two ways to grow rice. “Some people grow rice by sowing seed,” she said, “either by hand or by machine, and then simply let the rice grow to maturity and harvest it.”

Rice Fields, Thailand

From Left to Right: Starter Field, Individual Hand Planted Rice, Seed Grown Rice. Photo by Lee Craker

Siri’s way is to sow the seed by hand into a field, and then when the rice is started, transplant the young rice plants into other fields where they will mature. Siri’s way produces a higher output with less waste, and a better end product, but is considerably more labor intensive, and much harder on the back.

Below are my images of Siri and family, planting rice in rural Thailand. The full gallery is also available on my website here.

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