Morning Alms in Rural Thailand

Every morning thousands of Buddhist monks walk for alms in Thailand.
Giving or receiving alms is considered making merit, which will improve one’s life either in this lifetime or the next. Alms are usually a meal of rice and toppings. Not all Thais give morning alms, but the majority of homes do. Women get up early and prepare a meal for the monks. It is just a little extra work in their already busy morning schedule. The monks are not allowed to eat anything after noon, so morning alms can become breakfast and lunch. The monks return with their alms bowls to the temple where they enjoy and sometimes share the morning gifts.
Rural Thailand is especially colorful when monks make their morning alms rounds. The day glow orange robes and bright green foliage make for wonderful color contrast, as a prayer of blessing is chanted by the monks when receiving alms.
Please enjoy the short video clip of morning alms I recorded in rural Thailand that hopefully will give you a feeling for what the mornings are like here.

Celebrate Thai monks walking for alms with an art print.
In this image, featured in National Geographic Magazine, monks from Udon Thani walk across Thailand barefoot once a year to make merit. Here the monks travel through a pass in the Khao Yai mountains. You can view and purchase this print by clicking on the image below or the link: Monks Trek Across Thailand.


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