Morning Alms and a Leica

What morning alms are all about. Giving, receiving, praying and making merit. May 31, 2019, Nakhon Nayok, Thailand.
Morning Alms in Nakhon Nayok, Thailand

Nearly every morning I go for a walk around my neighborhood in rural Thailand. My constant companions are my Leica’s. Some days I’ll carry just one, but on most days I carry my M6 film camera and my M240 digital for color work. At 6:30 AM the light is great, and the temperatures are still comfortably cool. I end up with a lot of shots of Thai Buddhist monks, as this is the time of morning when they do their morning alms walk. This morning I decided to document a small shop owner as she prepared her morning offering and gave alms to the monks. Her shop is a typical rural Thai quick stop. She sells sodas, chips, and candy for the children, cool drinks and cooks meals for the adults. The shop also has a few items that are household necessities, but not many. Her one room home is attached to the shop. This morning she cooked a hot meal for two monks who would be stopping by, and also gave them two large one serving milk boxes when they arrived. The morning alms ritual is part of daily life here in rural Thailand, and it’s only natural I document it. Using a Leica (or two) keeps my load light, as they are smallish easy to carry high quality cameras, designed for the type of documentary work I do.

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