Loi Krathong 2018

Loi Krathong
“Loy” means “float”, and a “krathong” is a special Thai floating sculpture particular to the holiday. The traditional krathong is made from a cross-section of a banana tree trunk, which is then elaborately decorated with folded banana leaves and flowers in intricate towering designs. One of the most picturesque festivals in Thailand is the evening of Loy Krathong, when people gather around lakes, rivers and canals to pay respects to the goddess of water by releasing beautiful rafts, decorated with candles, incense and flowers onto the water.
This year I chose to document the event from start to finish. I filmed and photographed men making kathrongs at their home in rural thailand, then continued to document the event which starts with a temple ceremony to bless the kathrongs, then I followed the villagers to the river where they floated their kathrongs.

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