June 02, 2018 – It’s the Little Things.

It’s the slow time of the year here in rural Thailand, the beginning of the rainy season. Not quite ready for planting season to begin, and the photogenic harvest season is several months away. It’s a good time to catch up on some reading, and watching documentaries. One I just recently watched is on William Eggleston, the great color photographer. the YouTube links is: https://youtu.be/3jZ_HkaTXh8  Eggleston said in his early days, the challenge was to photograph “ugly’ things. I think all photographers feel like that sometimes, I know that thought resonates with me. Photographing every day life is a challenge. It forces us to look at the world a little differently. To find beauty, or at least something interesting in what at first glance are very ordinary, mundane things. However, when I do just that, leave the house with camera in hand looking for something, anything that is interesting, it forces my brain into creative mode. It also gives me a chance to practice. Photography, like any skill must be practiced. It’s like my chess game. Once upon a time I was a good chess player, I managed to beat some pretty impressive players. I haven’t played in years, and because of that I’m sure I would struggle today to beat anyone. Chess takes practice, to stay on top of the game. So does photography. Not just the skills of focus, exposure and composition, but the thought process that is behind an image. Without constant practice I develop brain fog and slow reflexes, then when it is important to get the shot, I’m rusty. So for the sake of keeping my photographic engine firing on all cylinders I shoot every day. What follows are my shots from yesterday.

Clockmaker, Prachinburi, Thailand, June 01, 2018.
Yellow, Red, Green and a Tuk Tuk – It all said “Thailand” to me. Purchase the Print Here
Good Luck Charm in a Shoe Store, Prachinburi, Thailand, June 01, 2018.
Children Celebrating a Birthday in Rural Thailand, June 01, 2018.

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